Yamaha has always been on the cutting edge of piano technology, and has just announced a cool new feature for their Disklavier player pianos. The new Disklavier Radio system allows the pianos to play live music broadcasts, including accompaniments to streamed, pre-recorded performances.
I want to work with who I have available and most of the people I have available don’t necessarily have a lot of creative experience but have a heart to learn anything new to make things sound as good as they can.
Enjoy your blog and enjoy even more getting connected with other worship leaders to exchange these kind of ideas.
A little late to the party here, but as a keyboard driven worship leader (for most of my career) I have some thoughts as well. And regardless of what some of the previous posts have said, you can’t teach anything at all without some form of emulation in the early stages.
Teach them simple worship progressions… I IV I IV (etc) and have them just play those over and over learning how to use the best inversions as you teach them chords. Children on the other hand I typically take through 6 weeks of reading exercises to determine their potential and to decided whether to carry on or not.
I did some experimenting in teaching group piano classes for adult beginner church musicians. Ryan is a follower of Christ, husband, father of three, and Director of Worship & Creative Arts at Living Word Free Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
I have to say that I have been relatively lucky in the past 5 years to have great accompanists in auditions. Well…except for the one lady who could not play my song and literally stopped three bars into it thus leaving me to sing acapella but coming in at the end with an inappropriate button.
Look, buddy, your job is to play what is on the page and what we ask you to and not to argue back and question when I know exactly what I want and need to sing the damn song. No more auditions for this week as I need a wet nap for my brain and holy water for my soul.

We have scoured YouTube to find the 10 best canines tickling the ivories — we think you'll just love our selection. Link us in the comments below to any other musical animals you've seen online that make you smile. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. The new digital radio stations will include music across a variety of genres including Broadway, Classical, Country, Great Piano Solos, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Classic Rock, Soundtracks and Standards.
I’m sitting next to our worship director teaching one of our youth guitar players music theory. My band we do a lot of original songs and when we do other people’s songs we usually remix them into our style. But there are some exercises we do in our band practice to foster this and also I do as a test in auditions.
As one formulates worship teams he could place chord playing piano players with strong lead guitarists, or conversely, select piano driven music with a piano player who reads and leads well. Anything taught correctly utilizes imitation and emulation, while developing independent thought and creativity.
Often times, I’ll have adult students who want to write simple worship songs and be able to worship at the house or in small groups. Not every song is guitar driven, and as you say, if the piano is alone and chording, you have Wade Mobley leading worship from the keys- not so good.
A friend who happened to be there and went in before me (Hi Leah!) said that he was playing something funky that wasn’t even on the page.
In addition to playing live streams, many additional tracks can purchased through Yamaha’s new DisklavierMusic Store, and saved directly to the piano for later playback.
This is usually a problem for players who have never played in an original band where they are in some creative environment.

But if we can show them a few songs that they can go home and worship with or even wow their friends with they’ll come back for more. Except for dealing with a Typhoid victim who would NOT stop coughing and clearly had no interest in getting a drink of water, sucking on a lozenge, or just dying to give the rest of us some peace and quiet. All they’ve done is read music or played by ear and tried to emulate what someone else has done.
I say it’s all about developing what little or great potential within and really buckling down with the individual to find which avenue is the best bet for them. And except for the guy who walked around and read the breakdowns out loud to himself and rationalized what role he was perfect for.
The interesting part is that it's good marketing ; It works, people were fascinated (there was a big crowd around that you cannot see in the photo) and gave him money. I understand that this doesn’t mean someone can just sit down and play a song percussively, so as to lead it in a worship service setting. Your conclusion was spot on and thanks to you; I probably won’t have to describe everything to my pals.
And now I am sitting down to get this out of my system before I truly do kill the next person who leans on me as they fall asleep, steps on my feet, bumps into my twig and berries with their bag, or looks over my shoulder to read my Kindle. And you're definitely showing your age with a PS like " I wonder if he collected enough money to buy his holiness on the left a new pair of jeans?

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