Each Cannes Film Festival boasts heavy favorites when its line-up is announced sometime in mid-April. The Croisette, in all its sun-blocked glory, was stunned when Thailand’s Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives stole the show when it walked away with the Palme D’Or, leaving those who had bothered to see it a little bemused, and somewhat befuddled.
The film, directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul (no, I didn’t just make that up), about the delicate balance between this life and what may or may not lie beyond, has voraciously divided critics (as all good art films should). Weerasethakul is currently seen as one of the world’s most important film directors, though his films can be maddening in their insistence on its audience to surmise what they will from what they have witnessed. With Uncle Boonmee set to brave theatrical distribution, American cartoonist Chris Ware was commissioned to deliver his take of the transcendental qualities of the film. The four posters from the sorely missed Pink Tentacle come from the Japanese-language book Modernism on Paper: Japanese Graphic Design of the 1920s-30s. Dear internet editors: When you reblog more than 50% of a post you raise my blood pressure and hence shorten my lifespan. Guaranteed to save time and money - Its quick and hassle free, forget going to the post office. A tale about the relationship between a businessman who launders money for a Mafia figure and his gangster bodyguard. Some of his most famous compositions include "We've Only Just Begun," "An Old Fashioned Love Song," "I Won't Last a Day Without You," "Nice to Be Around," "You and Me Against the World," "Sad Song", "Evergreen" (which earned Williams an Academy Award), "Rainy Days and Mondays", and "The Rainbow Connection" (which earned Williams an Academy Award nomination).
He is one of a small group of Muppet Show guests to have had a Muppet made in his likeness.
Judy Collins and Kermit the Frog presented Williams into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2001.

Paul Williams appeared alongside Jim Henson at the 1984 Emmy Awards to present the award for best performer in a variety series.
This past year, Mike Leigh’s Another Year and Abbas Kiarostami’s first filmmaking foray outside his native Iran, Certified Copy, were considered early frontrunners. Damon Wise, reviewer for Empire, summed up his feelings shortly after Boonme was announced victorious: “It’s a film that has people in it, and doing things, and there’s all sorts of camera shots and music. As Wise iterated, things happen, though their greater significance is not determined by carefully choreographed plot points, as many movie going audiences around the world are used to.
And in so doing, he released this brilliant poster to help trick people into seeing the film. You will be able to Stream and Download All Movies and TV Series in High-Definition on PC (desktop, laptop, tablet, handheld pc etc.) and Mac. As the festival itself wound down, critics were divided between the two films, along with a few others, as to which would nab top honors. Download as many as you like and watch them on your computer, your tablet, TV or mobile device. The waitress, Lena (Marie Dubois), is falling in love with Charlie, who it turns out is not who he says he is. When his brothers get in trouble with gangsters, Charlie inadvertently gets dragged into the chaos and is forced to rejoin the family he once fled.Subject Background and writing Truffaut first read David Goodis's novel in the mid-1950s while shooting Les Mistons when his wife Madeleine Morgenstern read it and recommended it to him. He immediately loved the book's dialogue and poetic tone and showed it to producer Pierre Braunberger, who bought the rights. Truffaut later met Goodis in New York City, where the novelist gave Truffaut a vintage viewfinder from his brief experience as a 2nd Unit Director on a U.S.

Truffaut said he made the film in reaction to the success of The 400 Blows, which he considered to be very French. He later told a reporter that he wanted to shock the audience that had loved The 400 Blows by making a film that would "please the real film nuts and them alone." He previously had several ideas for films about children, but was afraid of repeating himself in his second film.
I turned my back on what everyone waited for and I took my pleasure as my only rule of conduct." Truffaut began writing the script with Marcel Moussy, who had co-written The 400 Blows.
Moussey said that he didn't understand the book and attempted to establish clear social roots for the characters. Truffaut disagreed, wanting to keep the film loose and abstract; Moussey left after a few weeks and Truffaut wrote the script himself.
One problem Truffaut had was that he considered the Goodis novel to be too chaste and he decided to make the characters less heroic.
The book's main character Charlie is also much stronger in the book and Truffaut called it a Sterling Hayden type. Truffaut decided to go the opposite direction and make the protagonist weaker and the female characters strong. Truffaut was also influenced by French writer Jacques Audiberti while writing the film, such as in his treatment of the character Plyne.[9] Truffaut also used some scenes from other Goodis novels, such as the early scene where Chico bumps into a lamp post and has a conversation with a stranger.

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