I have to say that I have been relatively lucky in the past 5 years to have great accompanists in auditions. Well…except for the one lady who could not play my song and literally stopped three bars into it thus leaving me to sing acapella but coming in at the end with an inappropriate button. Look, buddy, your job is to play what is on the page and what we ask you to and not to argue back and question when I know exactly what I want and need to sing the damn song. No more auditions for this week as I need a wet nap for my brain and holy water for my soul.

The alleged mistress of an NFL player is said to have abducted her lover's wife and shot her before taking her own life when police caught up to her.
A friend who happened to be there and went in before me (Hi Leah!) said that he was playing something funky that wasn’t even on the page.
Except for dealing with a Typhoid victim who would NOT stop coughing and clearly had no interest in getting a drink of water, sucking on a lozenge, or just dying to give the rest of us some peace and quiet. And except for the guy who walked around and read the breakdowns out loud to himself and rationalized what role he was perfect for.

And now I am sitting down to get this out of my system before I truly do kill the next person who leans on me as they fall asleep, steps on my feet, bumps into my twig and berries with their bag, or looks over my shoulder to read my Kindle.

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