Using the Cats – Dogs game as a way to find middle C, place the Right Hand on CDEFG with the fingers 1- 5. If you enjoyed this post, come and join us on Facebook, Pinterest and Google + or subscribe to our free bi-weekly newsletter for many more musical ideas! I got a question my daughter is 8 years and she just begin taking piano lesson but she hasn’t learn any notes or anything she just went straight to playing piano is that they way it should be?
Monica, Don’t worry about that right now, many teachers want to get kids started playing so they feel like they are accomplishing something. Thanks for your comment Amy, I completely agree, I’m sure the teacher is getting her new pupil settled in, and the note learning will be coming along very soon!
Hi Monica, I agree with Amy, I’m sure your daughter will be learning the notes very soon.

The piano lesson series were written specifically with children in mind, and it is always important to gauge each child’s ability and concentration, so as not to make them feel pressured in any way. First piano lessons should be fun and playful, start by drawing around the hands of the child on a sheet of paper. Ask the child to play each note with each finger and repeat it 3 times – call this exercise Up And Down The Escalator.
You asked about pedalling – it is too early at this stage to introduce the use of the pedal.I hope that helps! Alternatively, you can print the finger chart shown below by clicking on the picture to print.  Ask the child to number the fingers 1 -5 on both hands starting with the thumbs as 1 and the little fingers as 5. Explain that 4s and 5s are usually weak, because they are normally a bit lazy and never really do anything on their own – so that is why it is difficult at first, but just like riding a bike or learning to write your name, practise will always help!

The most important thing is to make sure a child is happy and relaxed right from the start and then they will be ready to learn. Repeat this exercise with the Left Hand, with the 1 (thumb) on middle C and the fingers going down in steps the opposite way.

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