Because of this complex situation the symbolic operator for music has never been fully resolved. The symbolic operators of antiquity serve as templates of a hyperbolic versor operator, and hence enter the subject.
The hyperbolic versor operator exists in contra-distinction to the circular versor operator.
The functions of the natural log base, , introduces the limitation that operation is only possible in Cartesian relations, that is, a system of rectangular co-ordinates or the octaves thereof. Therefore a division of three units such as encountered in three phase electrical systems cannot be expressed as exponents or functions of the natural log base, .
Here evoked is the idea of Oliver Heaviside that the vector and the versor should not be intertwined.
The engineering form of the versor operator was born by Steinmetz but was killed at birth, frozen into vector Cartesian form. This “instrument” serves as a versor analog computer for the Solar System, and in a strange way also for the Tesla Magnifying Transciever. On a practical level this is why the ideas of Nikola Tesla are so incomprehensible to the modernistic way of thinking. In the second installment of this series, I will explain the Musical Alphabet and the open string names on the ukulele.
The white piano keys are called the Naturally Occurring Notes1 and are commonly referred to as the Natural Notes. An Open String on a ukulele is any string that is sounded (plucked, strummed, articulated, whacked, etc.) without it also being pressed to a fret.
In the first article, I explained how to emulate on a guitar the ukulele?s tuning using a capo & a cotton ball.
The saying: “ g’oats Can Eat Anything” will help you remember the string names, from closest-to-your-nose to closest-to-your-toes. The right side of the piano (to the right of middle C), usually played by the right hand, is the higher end.
Now that you understand the layout of a piano, you're ready to take our next few piano lessons for beginners! The Virtual Piano is Rich Internet Application designed to enable you to play the Piano on your computer – online. If you use these mnemonic devices or memorization tricks, your reading will become much quicker. I take classes here in my state but my teacher is no help me to teach me more chords or how read sheet music, I only know the chords because he gave me a song, the classes is more kind like a memory, I have to use my memory to learn the song the I want it. I played piano when I was in 5th grade and I forgot everything even the rhymes and when I saw these rhymes I remembered! Hi, the whole thing is going fine here and ofcourse every one is sharing information, that’s genuinely excellent, keep up writing. The positive sorts of the adjectives ought to be familiar to students learning the comparative and superlative forms.
Spirulina includes 65′71 percent protein, the biggest concentration of protein obtained in any food within the planet. Vaporization is really a procedure thawt produces 0% smoke, about nil tar, and then lethal facttor that is created via Combustion. One particular having a claw allows you have the curved fingernails out and about and perhaps the big retracted to become used as well as rock chisels. As a novice practicioner I find any advice appreciated and good resources and posts are hard to find.
The log-periodic sequence is a scaling factor of proportionality and serves as an innate property of human perception, hence the “Deci-Bell”.
This span represents the sequence of human versor positions in the infinite log-periodic sequence of the musical universe. There are 88 individual keys or “notes” these representing unit versor positions of the various musical scales. Each cycle, or period, on the music keyboard is divided into 12 subdivisions, that is 12 keys constitute one octave, Fig 2. The first complications is that the unit versor positions are not distributed in a uniform fashion, Fig 4C. Here exists both the dimension of space as a wavelength, and the dimension of time as a pitch.
The mind regards the log-periodic span of one octave as once complete cycle, a circular function, whereas the log-periodic cycle is a hyperbolic function.
What has developed is a distributed correction factor resulting in the musical intervals becoming a bit out of tune.

The familiar circular versor operator was employed by Steinmetz but the hyperbolic versor remains an enigma.
This symbolic representation is a natural extension of the Steinmetz “Roots of the Unit” in “Theory and Calculation of A.C. This concept led to a symbolic operator developed by Robert Fludd (1574 – 1637 AD), it is known as the “Divine Monochord”. It is a given in the “Mind of Today” that Tesla was a “little funny in the head”, this in part because of his manner of co-ordinating his lifes movements with numbers divisible by three. In the universe of human cultures that inhabited this Earth thru the eras of ancient times it was generally considered that the Sun was the center of things, the major heavenly bodies rotated around it. In modernistic relativity it is now that one over c square is the center of the universe with time and space revolving around it. It is imperative to know the names of the notes in order to understand how to combine them into melodies and chords.
Although there are many more than seven pitches on most musical instruments, in English only seven alphabet letters are used to name ALL pitches. By changing its tension, a string can be tuned to any pitch between completely slack and it?s breaking point.
I mentioned “Effectively, you now have a ukulele tuned guitar with one small exception: the D string (fourth on guitar) is an octave lower than the the G string on a standard tuned ukelele.
This is done to indicate that the g’ string is tuned an octave higher than one would normally expect (switching from guitar). This reentrant method is traditionally referred to as the “My-Dog-Has-Fleas” tuning on the ukulele. This tuning is exactly the same pitche as Capo-ing a guitar at the 5th fret and muting the lowest two strings, and therefore will not be discussed here. Is a little help perhaps but I want more..and I think this web its gonna be the great way to learn!!
I spend a lot of time figuring out how to explain things clearly so that students can understand it quickly! In modern times some bed and breakfast businesses inside the UK have struggled against budget hotel chains for instance Premier Travel Inn and Travelodge. I quite enjoyed reading it, you happen to be a great author.I will make certain to bookmark your blog and may come back at some point. To the right of the span is an infinite progression growing larger and larger, to the left of the span is an infinite regression shrinking smaller and smaller.
This relates directly to the original Pythagorean concept of music, the expression of man’s POSITION in the cosmos.
Each fundamental span from the Tonic C to the Octave C, is a single log-periodic cycle called the octave cycles on the standard music keyboard.
The product of this pair of dimensions, length and one over Time, is the dimensional relation for velocity, a constant. A complete Pythagorean cycle of unit versor positions results in the terminal pitch being a bit high in frequency. Steinmetz rejected the hyperbolic versor, but then Pupin rejected Steinmetz’s circular operator, the usual sequence of rejection, ask Oliver.
Beginning with the Earth at gamma, , GROUND, the Monochord progresses thru the four elementals, the Sun, Moon, and the known planets, and moreover thru the unknown planets, terminating on g, the planet Pluto.
The quagmire of correction factors and systems of distorted co-ordinates developed into a schizophrenic institution known as quantum mysticism. In order to learn the names of the notes the Musical Alphabet should be introduced or reviewed. It is immediately apparent that there is a noticeable arrangement of the black and white keys. In a later article, Note Law & The Single String Exercise will show how to locate the Natural Notes and how the pattern repeats. This high-octave string gives the ukulele a lot of its traditional sound, but more on that later.” Well, now is later.
This is called reentrant (pointing inward) tuning.This is the case whenever a stringed instrument is tuned and the pitches do not follow a pitch pattern moving lowest to highest or highest to lowest.
This is also a good tool for helping kids remember the lines and spaces on the grand staff of the sheet music. The arch-form of the log-periodic series is the broadside log-periodic array developed in the previous writings on the Bolinas Antenna, it can be seen looking at this structure the appearance of expression for infinity.
This also is reduced to Cartesian expressions but is worthy of further study with the objective of developing polyphase versor operators. This evokes the often stressed statement by Oliver Heaviside that “mathematics is an experimental science,” it certainly was in the time of antiquity.

It is very important to consider that this threedom would not sound at all strange, not in the least, to Johannas Kepler. Even beyond geocentricity, this is verily a pathological anthropocentricity, a lemming march into the Kurtzwiel grand singularity of universal annihilation. As the name implies, Standard Tuning is the set of open string pitches used by the majority of ukulelists. Examples of reentrant tuned instruments are modern 5-string banjo, charango (from South America), lute, cuatro (from Venezuela) and sitar to name a few. Baritone ukuleles are tuned to the same pitches as the first four strings of astandard guitar. And there is keyboard aissit, that means like the piano write the letter that you have to type on your keyboard to get that note… JUST TRY IT OUT!!!!! The product of two terms equal to a constant is a hyperbolic function, zero pitch – infinite wavelength, and zero wavelength – infinite pitch. The system of symmetrical components originated in a paper before the American Institute of Electrical Engineers by Charles Fortecuse. The quadrantal versor operator employed in the Steinmetz method is derived from a mathematical impossibility, the square root of a negative number. Entire chapters on the power of the number three were written prior to Kepler’s time.
This relation is shown by the logarithmic curve that is characteristic of a rank of organ pipes. The “Roots of the Unit” give rise to versor operators derived from a meaningless mathematical statement, a base one log system.
What is important to notice here is that not only did Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto evade notice in this era, but their very existence would have been decried a disruption in the “Universal Order” that had already become an institution. Moreover Nikola Tesla received his education in the classics at Graz, the very location in which Kepler taught geometry centuries before. The reasons for these relationships will be explained in the section (next article) on Note Law & The Single String Exercise. The title is, “Method of Symmetrical Coordinates Applied to the Solution of Polyphase Networks”. It is hereby evident that the generalized symbolic versor operator, the principle objective in this series of writings, will not be born of accepted notions of mathematics.
This operator is of a strange world, such as expressed by Lewis Carrol’s “Thru the Looking Glass”. Tesla gained the ability in his mind to transform directly from the cosmic level to the Earth level from  , resulting in a physical manifestation, the working apparatus.
His theory of relativity stated that all heavenly bodies now move relative to the Earth as the center, hence geocentric relativity. This looking glass is Johannas Kepler (1571-1630) and on the back side is the world of mathematics that preceded him.
His ability to carry out his objectives is derived from the hermetic traditions of Ancient Aegypt, not from pendantic technical training.
Evans in the “Electrical Journal”, April, 1928, page 194, titled, “Symmetrical Components”.
It is a return to the very origin of numbers, mathematics, and the inscrutability of the ideas of Nikola Tesla. It can be said that the inability of the modernist to understand Tesla is not because of technical complexity but because of Divine Simplicity.
It became a plethora of correction factors, adjustments, and the like, rendering the advance of astronomy impossible. Moreover the modernist has a deep seated pathological contempt for any pre-Kepler concept of a harmonic universe particularly when expressed in a numerological form. This odious animosity for Tesla’s methodology is of such force that even the military and industrial organizations are denied the work of Nikola Tesla. Bruno was burned at the stake for “practicing” heliocentricity and Galileo was exiled for finding that the planets indeed revolved around the Sun. The heliocentric philosophy of Copernicus was banned in this era with the same fervor that the philosophy of Tesla is banned today by the existential modernists.
Upon the unification by Kepler of the geometric, heliocentric, and related Pythagorean concepts there could be no more opposition to a heliocentric Solar System of a unit form existing in the generalized heavens.

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