Fort Bend Music Center offers piano lessons in three teaching formats: Private and Yamaha Music Education System group lessons.
Instrument RentalsWe have a large musical instrument service center offering fast guaranteed sales and repairs.
Yamaha Musical EducationWe are proud to use the Yamaha Music Education System (YMES) because it’s the most comprehensive music program available.
At The Music Room, you can expect fun, affordable music lessons from an experienced, enthusiastic teacher.
We offer piano lessons for beginners to intermediate students, including your 4 year old pre-reader!
Music adventure groups are a great option for elementary aged homeschoolers looking for an exciting 6-week theme-based study!
Music adventure camps are perfect for summer music exploration for your young elementary schooler!
Did you know that there is not a known culture, past or present, that doesn’t have some form of music? The Music Room is an environment for quality instruction for students and homeschoolers of all ages.
You won't just be satisfied -- you'll be THRILLED!Does Duane guarantee your success at piano playing? All the Major Chords" chord chart to help you understand chords and get started using them. Whether you are a visual, auditory or tactile learner, we teach according to your learning style and provide positive instruction towards mastery of an instrument. Our philosophy is to teach to the learning style of the student so they meet challenges head on and gain self confidence. Conejo Valley Music School offers ‘in-home’ music lessons – from Woodland Hills to as far north as Newbury Park.
Whether you’re interested in a fun after school activity or you’re preparing for a career in music, we have the right instructor for you. Our instructors are professionally trained musicians, composers, performers, music therapists and educators who care about your child’s success, their passion for music and your desire to enrich their lives with art and culture.
The Reading Keyboard Music course provides you with the best possible kind of learning: you’ll not only learn to play piano online, but you’ll be able to read piano sheet music. Did you know that a huge percentage of individuals who can play have never learned to read the music?
You’ll receive four simple to follow DVDs with our funny and entertaining professor of music, Merrilee Webb. You’ll spend just sixteen short weeks (not years!) learning to read music and play the piano. While our instructor, Merrilee Webb, understands the immense benefits of individual online lessons, as a college professor and music teacher, she has also witnessed the benefit of group lessons.
Therefore, with the DVDs, she teaches you along with her group so that you get the benefit of group lessons and the combined convenience of learning piano online.
Unfortunately, some people assume that online lessons aren’t as effective as having a person-to-person session. In fact, with Reading Keyboard Music, after just the first lesson, you’ll be able to read and play most of the notes on the treble clef!

You’ll never have to worry about slogging through volumes and volumes of books or having boring lessons again! Your teacher, Merrilee, is fun, energetic, and has a great love of music that she wants to share with you! With Reading Keyboard Music, there is absolutely no risk, because if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your money! In Home Music Teachers prides itself in its excellent quality service, the ability to match students and teachers, the promotion of fun and productive lessons, and the results nurturing a lifelong art. A professional instructor will arrive at your home at a preappointed day and time each week.
Teachers affiliated with our program have taught thousands of students, from four years old to sixty-five. Private lessons are usually 30 minutes, however, we do offer 45 minute lessons to our advanced students.
We are proud to offer brand name instruments, low monthly payments, quality, service and a convenient location close to Sugar Land. The fact is YMES engages the child through activities such as singing, music appreciation, playing keyboard, ear training, reading, moving to music and much more. She moved to Wilmington, NC in 2005 after graduating from East Carolina University School of Music with a bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy.
From beginners just getting introduced to music, to the kid that’s ready to advance their technique, we aim for fun and exciting development at every level. But I told myself right then and there that I would learn to play the piano so well that no one would ever laugh at me again. Chords are really a shortcut to understanding and playing music without all the formal training. And you can do it much easier and faster because you understand what you are seeing -- chords and parts of chords and chords stretched out into a string of individual notes (called "arpeggios") and chord progressions -- one chord flowing into another. So if you are a beginner, or a rusty intermediate, or you took piano lessons as a kid but want to make sure you don't miss anything, this is the course for you. He can't, because he doesn't know your motivation, your time available, your family situation, your persistence -- etc, etc.
With an academically trained staff of motivated performers, composers and industry pros, Conejo Valley Music School provides proper musical training with a friendly approach without any short cut methods or gimmicks.
All of our instructors hold degrees in music, they are gifted and possess the ability to motivate and educate students of all ages while making it FUN!
When the course is finished, you’ll be able to read and play any song you’d like on this fantastic instrument.
If you can devote as little as half an hour each day to the program, before long you’ll be playing any music you’d like. The first lesson is a real lesson, not just a "meet and greet." The instructor will assess your current level and ability, and a curriculum will be developed that is customized to your individual needs and interests. Unlike some of our competitors, our goal is not to provide the cheapest lessons in town; our goal is to provide the best. Our senior teachers all have at least a Bachelors degree plus extensive post graduate training in piano pedagogy.
Students learn in a comfortable home environment, receive quality instruction, and leave with confidence and pride in their accomplishments.

We use it as a means of communication, for entertainment, to express ourselves, not to mention it’s around us all the time.
She began teaching music lessons in 2006 and believes that the level of success truly hinges on the level of enjoyment in young learners.
All Duane's other courses specialize in this or that, but this is THE BASIC COURSE -- the CRASH COURSE -- you'll get a complete, correct start at the piano. You KNOW what you're getting when you study with the author of over 500 piano books and courses! You'll learn musical form, transposition, modulation, improvisation, and a host of other musical truths!
The more you learn, the more you will understand, and the more you'll want to review something that was taught earlier!
So DON'T order this for your children UNLESS you plan to take the course to and stay a little ahead of them. Get started today and in sixteen short weeks, you’ll be perfectly able to play the piano beautifully. So shouldn’t our kids have a greater appreciation and understanding of something we interact with almost every day? That’s why she aims to foster a love for the piano while finely tuning those piano skills! And if you watch these piano lesson videos week after week for a solid year, you will be astounded at how much you can learn in a year and how many different songs and styles and chords you can play! When your child joins The Music Room, they will be learning how to actively listen, analyze, and respond to music using the correct terminology. Allison is also a homeschooling mom of three terrific kiddos and she loves to bake, so if you time it just right, you might leave with a warm cookie in hand. And Duane explains and demonstrates everything so thoroughly -- plus you have the book he's teaching from right there in front of you -- that you would have to try hardnot to learn! But here you get the full session with Duane playing each song and explaining in detail -- using slow-motion and close-ups to make it crystal-clear. No longer will you have the hassle of bringing your child to a teacher 15 minutes away just to have to drive back home and inconvenience your daily routine.
Be prepared for an audience during your lesson because she’s often followed around by her orange cat, Oscar, and her cairn terrier, Molly.
At the end of the lesson, your instructor will provide you with material to practice before your next lesson. Studying music brings together multiple subject areas such as language arts, math, geography, history, and literature.
Students work those critical thinking muscles as they evaluate classical masterpieces and learn about the lives of those mysterious composers who put their life’s work out there for the world to enjoy. We meet the needs of each student regardless of age, skill level or experience with a staff of dynamic teachers and diverse curriculum.
Contact The Music Room today and embark on an adventure to a lifelong love and appreciation for music.

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