Cameron & Sons CST-40 Mechanical Metronome is a compact Pendulum motion metronome that delivers great convenience and performance. When the metronome is set in motion, the rod swings back and forth, rather like a pendulum in a clock. Some electrical metronomes still retain the rod and weight as in the photo on the upper left.
The metronome measures the 'tempo' of the music, which is in units of time known as Beats-per-Minute (BPM). Once the tempo speed is determined and the metronome set in action, it is only a matter of playing the piano (or guitar etc.) and maintaining the same play rate (tempo) as the metronome. Learning to recognize and maintain a particular tempo, is vital to successfully playing piano by ear.
Some traditional mechanical metronomes are still made and you could expect to pay about $150 for these. Yamaha have been making pianos for over a century but the new b-Series is something of a departure for us. If you are registered with us you may log in to add additional videos related to this product.
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Please note, 95% of orders are sent using our tracked next day service, on occasion we will send using royal mail on a 2-3 day service. We have temporarily suspended processing of EUR payments, all orders will be charged in GBP. That little clock thing that sat on the piano when your parents forced you to take piano lessons from ol’ lady Greeblefester?
It does this by emitting an audible pulse, such as 'tock-tock' type noise at regular intervals. The metronome was invented by a Dutchman named Dietrich Winkle in the early part of the nineteenth century. Today, most persons learning the piano would use a metronome, which is also useful for those learning guitar, banjo and percussion instruments.
It is powered by a wind-up spring, rather like that in a clock - basically, it is a clockwork motor.
The adjustable weight on the rod determines the rate of swing and thus the number of Beats-per-Minute.
The photo at the top of this page depicts the original style of metronome, which was made of polished wood and operated by mechanical means only. Others are pocket sized units that emit a pulsed sound, such as that shown on the lower left.
At first, this may seem quite easy, but in fact it takes a reasonable amount of practice to accurately maintain a given tempo - particularly fast tempos. Being able to pick up a tempo and rhythm for any piece of music, is what differentiates an ordinary player from a pianist.
These would generally be electric audible types with a pendulum, or fully electronic pulse types.
In addition to speed, tempo can also inform about the 'feeling' of the music as well as indicate when to speed up or slow down.
Best of all, there are many great features, which allow you to practice at an increasing or decreasing tempo.
A hundred years of accumulated knowledge has been condensed into their most affordable piano ever.

Whilst retaining Yamaha standards in every way, b1 offers the joy of Yamaha ownership at a price that will astonish and delight. The price you found cannot be a closeout, discontinued, blemished, year-end, inventory reduction, or any other type of advertised sale price.
Easy to use, with a full tempo range and visual sensing of pendulum motion, this high quality metronome will satisfy a wide range of student and professional musicians needs. In those days, it was a mechanical device, similar to the photo of the metronome on this page.
When, the spring is wound tight using the key, it creates tension, which is the driving force for the vertical rod and adjustable weight. These wonderful old metronomes are not only very useful, but also highly collectable in their own right! Being electric, means that the sound emitted can be varied greatly from the regular 'tock' sound that is associated with the mechanical version. There are even very sophisticated metronomes that not only  provide a tempo in BPM, but also indicate the beats per measure (beats per bar of music).
This is reason why using a metronome is so valuable, as it teaches the player to recognize various tempos, as well as training the player in rhythm. This bundle also includes a very comfortable black gloss adjustable piano stool and a black metronome, for free! However, in today’s market we may not always be aware of all the price fluctuations of the products we sell. Most electric or simple electronic units have the speed adjusted by a dial, knob or push button. The weight and rod is clearly visible, as is the horizontal engraving marks that determine the BPM. The b-Series, like all Yamaha pianos, are instruments of extraordinary, natural beauty, combining art, craftsmanship and technology; a joy to play and own.

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