Lauren is a rising senior in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts studying Organizational Studies. To master any language, you have to learn to do four things: read, write, understand, and speak. Outside of the classroom, Lauren participates in a campus organization called Young Life and will be joining the South Quad Residence Hall staff as an RA this fall.
His initial university education took place at the University of Western Ontario, where he earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in piano performance, with minors in choral conducting and music theory. And every music artist in the world, from Mozart to Justin Bieber and even Jay Chou, plays by ear.

They also need to know about your attendance policy, late work policy, and behavior expectations (cell phones off?).  Sometime during that first class meeting, engage the students in an activity or two. He subsequently studied with renowned French pianist Marcel Ciampi before progressing to his doctorate in piano performance at the University of Michigan; his teacher there was the celebrated and widely-recorded pianist Gyorgy Sandor. All other forms of art, dancing, literature, sculpture, or painting, require improvisation.
Engaging students right away delivers the message that they will be involved in the course, not just spectators.
Terminology and musical examples will be presented in analytical, compositional, perceptual, critical, and performing contexts.

Imagine that every time youa€™re involved in casual conversation, you require scripts or score sheets in front of you. We play by ear in everyday life because we just have to, whether for artistic or practical reasons.

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