Little Jammers offers affordable, interactive music classes for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers (0-5yrs) in Crows Nest, Marsfield, and Thornleigh in Sydney’s North Shore and Hills District. At just $70 per term (or roughly $7 per 30-minute lesson), you’d be hard pressed finding a more affordable program through which to engage your little one in all the benefits regular music lessons can bring!
Lessons include a mix of popular children songs, as well as songs that are written just for our Little Jammers. Little Jammers seeks not only to provide a really helpful early childhood music program, it seeks to establish vibrant and warm music communities.
Interested? You are welcome to attend and pay for just your first week if you would like to come and give Little Jammers a test run.
Drum lessons, saxophone lessons, flute lessons, clarinet lessons, adult music lessons North Shore and Western Suburbs. It`s natural to feel a bit scared of something unknown, and a few nervous jitters are common among first time students, but know that any anxiety will pass very quickly! We understand that starting a new hobby like dancing which requires mind and body coordination can be a bit disconcerting. Most commonly seen on hit TV Shows such as 'Dancing with the Stars' and 'So you think you can dance'. This style has a huge following and is incredibly popular around Sydney`s social clubs and venues. Janise Huckerby strictly dancing judge and mummy of 2, teaches this exciting and energetic dance class. We have experienced qualified teachers available to choreograph your own special unique Bridal dance.
We have a range of services available to suit any corporate event including: out of studio instructors, choreographers and a wide range of performers for dance floorshows. Centre's expert Bachata instructor Alberto Perez will make you feel right at home updating you with all the latest moves and rhythms and most importantly make sure you do all this whilst having a great time!

Don't worry if you don`t have a partner either because we change partners regularly throughout class. YogaBugs uses imagination and fun adventure stories to introduce children to traditional yoga. Best of all, our songs are performed live, giving you and your child the experience of playing live music with others.
If you would subsequently like to join the class, you will then be invoiced for the remainder of the term. Looking for an interactive music experience to keep the kids engaged and entertained at your next birthday party or special event? Dan is super friendly and fun and has a way of teaching music to kids that really seems to connect. Great low stress and fun class- Dan even takes requests and writes songs about your childs interests!
Dan is a passionate and engaging teacher with a fresh and fun approach to music for little people.
Find out what’s on for kids in Sydney and discover great daily activities for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kids including library storytimes, playgrounds and indoor playcentres and find your nearest toy library. There's nothing to be afraid of and before you know it you'll be feeling confident, fit and full of energy.
You will learn steps based on International Latin American in nonstop routines so you can now dance, practice and get fit without a partner. Our beginner, intermediate 1 and intermediate 2 levels of tuition cater to all of our students needs by providing structured, fun and energetic classes whilst giving you a great workout! It is an early development group that specialises in the areas of creativity, confidence, teamwork and motor skills.
The course will lead students through syllabus steps providing them with the skills to become a competent and confident dancer.

Our Private Bridal dance lessons can be taught at a time and day that fits in with your busy schedule.We can also help with private group dance lessons for the bridal party and the parents to ensure no one is left out. This dance is a four-step beat achieved with a walking Cuban hip motion, and a unique “pop”. Each child learns at their own level of ability and every class ends with relaxation to leave the children feeling calm, relaxed and positive. I appreciate that my kids learn the concept of playing along in a group, as well as learning some music theory presented as fun songs. Our range of classes caters for those who have never stepped foot on a dance floor as well as the more confident dancers.
Our specialised courses will keep you moving from a beginner to a more advanced dancer in no time and before you know it you'll be feeling comfortable, confident and at ease at Sydney's salsa clubs. It's exhilarating, effective, easy-to follow and moving millions of people toward joy and health.
It is a fun and upbeat program that develops fitness, teamwork and social skills.The program is lead by DSA qualified coaches and professional dancers and by the end of the term we guarantee that students will be dancing like the stars! Little Jammers is designed to help you and your child embrace whatever ‘fun’ looks like for you. ZUMBA Fitness is the only Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends red-hot international music, created by Grammy Award winning producers, and contagious steps to form a "fitness-party" that is downright addictive. Jazz, ballet and other dance styles are introduced in a comfortable and more importantly, fun atmosphere. If you don't have an enjoyable experience in our dance classes then we haven't done our job.

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