Many good pianist will attest to the fact that most of them took their earliest music lessons in their childhood.
The piano lessons we offer kids are also important in helping them to improve their concentration levels.
Develop children’s natural creative abilities, confidence, social skill and communication. Letting us give your child piano lessons will help them appreciate music as they get to understand the whole concept of music and some of them may even get into the business of music composition in the future. We are a group of leading piano teachers certified by ABRSM or Trinity College providing private piano lessons for adults island-wide in Singapore.
At Awesome Piano Lessons, we are aware of the tight schedule you face in balancing out family and work life.
Private lesson customized to suit your needs (graded exams, leisure, pop, classical, specific songs). Our piano teachers have achieved at least a Grade 8 level in practical from ABRSM or Trinity College. Due to high volume of enquiries, our piano lessons slots are available on first come first serve basis.

Piano lessons for kids because the benefits that are accrued usually go beyond the scope of music itself.
Apart from helping your kids with improved motor skills that bring about a good hand and eye coordination, they get to improve their writing skills and for the older ones they perfect the art completely as they will have mastered motor skills. The main reason for this is that these lessons require a good amount of focus in order for there to be progress, especially considering the fact that kids must think about each hand separately. Such kids have their minds deeply engaged leading to deeper understanding of not only music but many other issues in life as well. With years of experience in piano lessons industry, we only select highly qualified teachers to join our fleet. It is a fact that when your kid learns to play music and especially piano, they engage both hemispheres of the brain and many of the lessons that are imparted in the mind are carried all the way to adulthood and throughout one’s lifetime.
We take our time to teach your kids sheet music which requires a great deal of concentration which then must be immediately translated into music and at the same time add the correct tempo and rhythm. Even if your child doesn’t grow up to become a concert pianist the lessons they learn will finally help them become well rounded persons with multiple interests thus helping to develop and mature their personalities. Instead of simply listening to the music, why not be the ONE who actually plays it on the piano?

We’ll definitely do our best to cater to your needs and if you have a piano at home, our instructors will be more than happy to conduct the lessons at the comfort of your home. There are very few lessons that can match the benefits of taking piano lessons as far as your kids are concerned. This level of concentration is an important virtue that is required in order for kids to do well even in academics.
Playing piano is a learnable skill, with proper guidance from professional piano teachers, everyone can play the score no matter what age you are. So procrastinate no more and sign up with us by clicking the “Register” button!

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