Allowing your child to take saxophone, guitar, piano and organ or any form of music lesson can give you an idea as to how talented your child is. Once a little one has the ability to take part in the keys in the piano in succession with his or her hands and has an attention duration of 20 minutes i think that kid is able to get involved in some basic keyboard lessons or piano classes for kids.
One easy technique that can be used to instruct piano classes to small children is the usage of stickers. Ideally you should purchase a high quality traditional type acoustic piano and if not a keyboard, there are many things that can get in the way with a piano and the main reason you would need the digital keyboard is space(usually concerns related to living in apartments or perhaps a tiny home). But when a digital keyboard is the best choice for you, you will discover that an electronic piano gives some fantastic extras that acoustic pianos don’t provide (things like saving your performance and a variety of music options – how many additional features, and how amazing they are, depends on the quality of digital piano you acquire). Noticing the way your kids experiments is a crucial foundation to being able to focus on what they are performing. Have you ever gone into a department store to buy an outfit for a boy and noticed how little there is to choose from compared to what is available for girls? There are always racks and racks of cute dresses, but you have to go to the rear of the store to find anything at all for boys.
Sometimes I feel the same way when trying to choose classical piano songs for my boy students, as I want them to get excited about learning classical piano.
Over the years, however, I have found some awesome classical piano pieces that my boy students love learning. This cheerful classical piano song is a great choice for introducing classical repertoire to students.
3. Daniel Gottlob Turk, Song of a Knight in the Darkening Wood #28 from “60 Pieces for Aspiring  Players” Book 1. With arpeggios that sound like tumbling snow, “Avalanche” is not only a blast to play, but students are building technical skills without even realizing they’re working on technique. This piece takes the player on a wild ride, while bouncing the melody between the right and left hands.
Doreen Hall is the creator of Paloma Piano, an online resource for piano teachers featuring a printable piano method as well as hundreds of pages of supplemental materials that teachers can use with their students. Having the ability to play a number of different piano styles will help you become a better overall piano player.
What’s more, knowing the important composers, performers, and pieces of each piano style will assist you in your musical studies. After browsing, if you’re still not sure what piano style fits you, take the quiz at the end of the article to help you determine. Throughout 1750-1820, classical piano was performed for royalty and the upper class in Europe.
As the years progressed and classical music transformed from renaissance to baroque and romantic, other great pianists emerged, including Haydn, Chopin, Handel, Wagner, Debussy, and Tchaikovsky. Classical piano is often what students study first because it forces them to have a very strong technique and knowledge of music theory. Without having an understanding of the classical piano technique, it’s very hard to learn and pick up other piano styles. Just because classical music was popular many years ago, doesn’t mean it’s not thriving today. Phillip Glass: Glass had an extensive career in writing, recording, and orchestrating classical music ranging from symphonic orchestras to the big screen. Eric Whitacare: A regular chart-topper, Whitacare often writes for choirs, and has released several classical music albums that have won Grammys.
At the time, jazz piano was a rebellious type of music, as it deviated from the classic rhythms, harmony, and technique. Jazz music incorporates swing, improvisation, ragtime, boogie woogie, and bee bop to create captivating melodies and rhythmic patterns. People turned to jazz music during “The Great Depression” as well as in times of celebration. It also became an important mark in history where African-Americans, Asians, Latinos, and Europeans were able to come together to create music in America. While Joplin, Morton, and Waller paved the way for jazz piano, today’s contemporary jazz players are keeping it alive. Michel Camilo: Camilo is a Grammy Award-winning pianist and composer from the Dominican Republic who specializes in jazz, Latin, and classical work.
Kenny Barron: An American jazz piano player, Barron is one of the most influential mainstream jazz pianists of the bebop area, currently on faculty at Juilliard School. Musical theater accompanists must be very good sight readers and versatile, as every musical theater production is different. Musical theater pianists can find work performing in the pit bands of shows, and can serve as accompanist alongside singers at auditions. Jason Robert Brown: Known for his works “Songs for a New World” and “The Last 5 Years,”  Brown uses incredible chords and harmonies. Seth Rudetsky: An accompanist and radio talk show host, Rudetsky really knows how to work with singers whether it be for a cabaret performance, audition, or cruise ship! With this piano style, you’re free to explore new sounds, as the charts are always changing. Alicia Keys: At the tender age of 16, Keys was already signed and recording her own original music. Liturgical music originated as a part of religious ceremonies ranging from Catholic to Protestant to Jewish. Almost every religion has their own unique sounding liturgical music that plays an important and meaningful role in its culture.
Liturgical music has been passed on from generation to generation, and today musicians are still performing and composing new music for religious services, performances, and recordings. David Haas: An influential pianist and composer of the modern day liturgies in the Christian community. Hector Olivera: An internationally acclaimed organist, watch his technique and how he brings the organ to life.
I hope this guide to the five most popular piano styles will help determine what style you want to learn. The easiest way to learn blues piano is to learn the LEFT HAND rhythms LONG before you learn all the fancy licks in the RIGHT HAND. Become familiar with the piano keyboard, musical alphabet, notes, scales, and finger warm-ups. After becoming familiar with the basics of piano blues seek out other musicians to play blues, jazz, and boogie-woogie.
So there you have it — a blues piano songs list to get you started on your musical exploration, and then the steps you need to get started with playing the style!
Within the classical piano music genre, there are four main time periods we refer to in order to categorize musical development throughout history.
The transitions between these eras are not clear-cut, and often composers at the end of one era were already writing music with characteristics of the next era. While it can be difficult to classify some composers and pieces into a single time period, the four time periods are very helpful to know.
We’ve already shown you some fun piano duets to try, but what if you want to broaden your repertoire?

Students can learn a lot about how to play piano with others by having to line up their part with their partner’s part. This is a great piano book for beginners, especially for introducing young players to classical music. This seven-volume series has a wealth of classical literature for players of almost all abilities.
Ragtime music is always exciting and this book includes seven of Joplin’s most popular pieces. Learning to play piano by yourself is fun, but learning to play with someone else can be twice as enjoyable!
One of the best parts of being a piano player is that you get to play music with other people.
There is a wide range of repertoire available, from easy piano duets for beginners to advanced duets requiring serious study from both players.
Plus, playing duets are more than just fun, they’re great for improving your ability to play with a steady beat. This syncopated duet is exciting for both players and sounds very impressive when put together. For younger pianists, this book is a great opportunity to play duets with their teacher or perhaps an older sibling. This three-movement work is impressive, exciting, and full of sounds you don’t hear all the time in traditional classical music.
If one of these duets has sparked your interest, grab a friend, sibling, parent, or teacher and play some piano duets!
Julie Beach Mascia combines the spirit and skill of music in her private piano and voice lessons.
As a mother and an artist, I've spent my entire personal and professional life coaxing out everyone's musical talent.
From Presidents to Pre-Schoolers, I've had the rare and wonderful opportunity to perform my art to a wide variety of people. I work with your schedule to discover the best way to accommodate your busy life while providing you with individual attention that focuses on giving you the skills you need to create music. Ever since I started playing the piano and singing, I’ve made sure to make time to keep learning new ways and new techniques to improve.
This studio is a great place to start for the adult student who is considering taking up piano. 1.) Parents who have children that take piano lessons under me must at all times be unwavering in the support and encouragement they show to their children in regards to piano lessons.
3.) The student is required to have at a minimum requirement of a digital piano with weighted keys. 5.) Remember that you are not paying 'per lesson', but essentially paying to reserve your monthly time slot with my studio.
6.) Lessons are a weekly requirement and I do not offer bi weekly lesson plans or 'a la carte' lesson plans as some studio policies like to put it.
7.) You are free to cancel lessons at any time, but payments already given will be not be refunded. 10.) If I happen to mess up on anything, which I very rarely do, then I'll make it up to you. If you have experienced abuse or harassment in connection with either an ad on STClassifieds or an email received from a STClassifieds user, please forward the details and sender's email account provider (eg: Hotmail, Yahoo!) to us. Never provide financial account numbers, passwords, or other sensitive information through an unknown email. Never click on a link found in an unfamiliar email if you are unsure of its origins, especially if the email asks you for personal financial information. If you suspect anyone or any ad of attempted fraud, or spot activities by community members that go against our policies, report the issue to STClassifieds immediately.
It is our goal to create a successful experience for all our students and in doing so contribute to their self esteem, confidence and a lifelong love of making music. This can help you make future decisions as how you can manage your child’s time in relations to extra curricular activities.
Some children at the young age including five and four year old’s are certainly not able recognize some of the information and facts associated with music so consequently the use of decals can be very powerful when kids learn to play piano.
The thing is you want weighted keys, touch level of sensitivity, a fixed pedal, a music stand that may be lightweight, and a seem that really does match the sound of a keyboard (as compared to electric powered keyboard). Notice what your kids discovers on the piano, and (when the time is proper) talk about their discoveries together. And speaking about what your son or daughter does is an important part of consolidating and validating the discoveries they are making. Boys really love this exciting piece because it reminds them of music you would hear during an exciting chase scene at the movies.
I feel that it is my responsibility as a teacher to inspire my students. These pieces feature themes that interest boys and they are all so much fun to play. For free trial music and to learn more you can visit the Paloma Piano community today at Paloma Piano.
There were three main composers who paved the way for classical piano composition: Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven.
Pianists such as Scott Joplin, Jelly Roll Morton, and Fats Waller are piano players influential in building the jazz scene around New York, Chicago, and New Orleans. What’s more, having the ability to both sing and play the piano looks and sounds great in performance. Many pianists start out by playing religious services professionally to make their living as a musician.
This genre is a ton of fun to play, and a great way to diverge from the classical piano you might be used to playing. Throughout history, as musicians and famous piano composers experimented with sounds and instrument design, the music world expanded and more possibilities became evident. But slowly, composers started adding other parts, the instruments we know today were developed, and people around the world shared their ideas with each other. Likewise, some composers were slow to accept change and wrote pieces at the beginning of one era that sound like music from the previous time period. They show the trends in music over time and help us understand the thought process of musicians as they were developing new ideas. Take a listen to the pieces highlighted to hear how piano music changed throughout history. Below, I’ve chosen 10 of the best duet books that I know will help you with your playing, along with examples of fun piano duets that can be found in each. With exciting arrangements and familiar tunes, this book will please both the players and the audience. The preludes were originally written for solo piano, but they are so popular that arrangements have been written for a wide variety of instruments. Duets can be in any genre, from classical to jazz, and are sometimes orchestrated for special holidays or occasions. This duet version expands on those appealing aspects to create an intense rendition of the song.

All of the 17 classical pieces in this book would work great for a recital or in a church service. It requires excellent rhythmic feel from both players and communication for changes in tempo and dynamics. There are many more easy piano duets out there than just these, so have fun exploring the wealth of options available. Please contact me to create a private music instruction plan that fits your schedule, your life and your budget. Although Dustin did not know anything about ASD, he was ready and excited to take on the challenge. If you are interested in hiring me to travel to your location and teach in the comfort of your own home, please contact me and arrangements may be discussed. If you have any concerns regarding their development or practicing issues, alert me immediately, and we will work together to find a solution that is positive and effective. Practice issues, family vacations or anything that will change the dynamics of the lessons or cause you to miss a lesson must be relayed to me as soon as possible. This means that I will need 48 hours notice in order to provide a make up lesson and it must be for sicknesses only or some type of emergency. If you have any other questions, perhaps you could check out my frequently asked questions page. A spoof email will usually lead you to a website and attempt to collect your personal information for committing identity theft or other crimes.
This is more of an administrative pressure than it is a serious expense (you must find a piano tuner, order their service, and then have them come to the house whilst they tune the piano). This is about creating a sense of the everyday programming (the piano is a part of regular life) and also allowing the kid to explore the instrument rather thoroughly just before lessons commencing. You can not break a piano by playing it, and your youngster will develop feelings of familiarity with the design of the keys (black notes in groups of 3 and 2 placed between white notes) and the layout of the piano (high notes appears to be towards the right, low is towards the left) as well as distinct effects the piano can certainly make (softer sounds when you hit the key more lightly, sustained effects when you depress the pedal, etc.). Does your youngster play exactly the same thing (or different versions of the same thing) every time they get near the keyboard? If you’re not sure of the exact musical term, talk about the kinds of feelings the sounds generate in your child. Read on for our favorite famous blues piano songs for beginners to check out, as well as some tips to help you play the blues! Learn to jam with others playing blues to help you become more proficient at playing the piano. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Ithaca College and her Masters in Music Performance from New Jersey City University.
You may find it difficult to play with another pianist at first, but the more duets you play, the easier it will become to synchronize the two parts. The six songs in this book are fun for students and are great for learning and practicing swing rhythms. Everyone has the ability to share their own unique expression through their voice or through an instrument. I've been able to bring out the beauty of a person's voice for competition or an enriching expression. He studied up on the topic, asked very appropriate questions and has done a fantastic job adapting to my difficult learner. Dustin truly loves to teach and works hard to accomodate the specific needs of each child. He not only taught me technique, but also how to move on after making mistakes - an important skill. Please contact us to learn more about which of our Piano, Guitar, Violin and Music Theory programs are right for you or your child. This period in the first days of training and, most importantly, means that your youngster will have a confidence when being inspired to try ‘new’ things about the piano during these first few days and several weeks. Not only are duets a fun way to make music with someone else, but they are also very beneficial for each player’s skill development. In my private voice and piano lessons, I teach them the skills they need, build upon their strengths and help them discover their own voice and style. I've performed for heads of state, international dignitaries and with legends like Dave Brubeck. My son has progressed through 3 books in a little over a year and it would not have been possible without his kind and caring ways. I have personally sat in and observed several lessons and he is so patient and kind in his corrections.
Dustin is very effective in helping me understand the basics and his lessons are personalized and catered to my level.
In doing so, we offer a variety of piano, violin, guitar and theory study options for students of all ages and abilities.
This won’t be covered inside the first training (normally), if your child knows that the music alphabet will go A B C D E F G A B C D E F G A B, etc., they will save at the very least half a lesson. The more familiar your child is with what these symbols look like, the easier it will be for a teacher to introduce new ideas quickly during the first year or so of lessons, though this is just a symbol. Through it all, whether it's a school play or a command performance, I've been able to combine the skill and spirit of music.
Because people are unique, I help them find their voice and their style and once the skills are mastered, their unique voice and style of music starts to grow into something they have for the rest of their life. I have played piano semi-professionally for 15 years and I am always learning new approaches and techniques from Dustin.
He laughs with her and have a bond where she wants to practice and have him be proud of her. Most importantly, Dustin teaches proper technique right from the start so they will not have to unlearn bad habits later. Having the keyboard hidden communicates how the piano is not really something important or helpful.
And if your child can think through individual letters in reverse you’ve possibly saved two more entire lessons throughout the first calendar year. The treble clef in particular is surely an oft-used mark to symbolize music – your child may possibly have already viewed this mark and just never ever quite realized what it suggested (it just implies the information on it within the top one half of the keyboard). Dustin seems to be an extremely talented pianist himself which he confidently puts on his students.
Having the TV and piano competing for acoustic space is just asking for conflict in your family. Being comfortable distinguishing these symbols could save one half a course or a minimum of three times throughout the first 12-eighteen months of instruction.

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