If necessary selected vocal pieces are transposed to be sure the student is singing within their individual vocal limits. Tim and Renée Farley have been making music, and musical instruments, in Madison for over forty years.
The shop became a popular stop for professional musicians who would visit when they came to town for other performances.
The Farley's restoration workshop now covers over 3,000 square feet of space, and includes separate rooms for preparing soundboards, finishing piano cases, and stringing pianos.
Our store is devoted exclusively to pianos with grands, uprights, and digitals in our showrooms on Madison's west side. Farley's Seybold Road showrooms include areas for grands, uprights and digitals, with over a hundred pianos on display. Grand pianos and vertical pianos restored in the esteemed Farley's workshop include many Steinways from the early to mid-20th century.
See and hear our gallery of current instruments here: New Pianos, Used Pianos, Digital Pianos, or Restored Pianos. Farley’s offers high quality piano accessories such as string covers, piano covers, House of Troy piano lamps, CDs, Damp-Chaser systems and supplies, metronomes, headphones, castor cups, and polishing supplies.
Farley’s is an authorized dealer of PianoDisc, Pianomation, and Live Performance player systems. Our store is devoted exclusively to pianos with grands, uprights, and digitals in our showrooms on Madison's west side. Brandy Held graduated in 2005 from UW-Whitewater with BA in piano performance and a psychology minor.

Brandy has been a music teacher for 13 years and has been running her own studio since 2005.  In the last 11 years her studio has grown to up to 45 students weekly. Brandy has had a passion for music since she was a child and loves being able to give the gift of music to others. Tim started the company as Farley's House of Music in 1962 and by the early 1970's the growing business was located on Madison's East Wilson Street in the Union Transfer Building. They frequently played one piano after another, reveling in the sounds of Tim's rebuilding artistry and his well-tempered tunings. There they expanded into 11,000 square feet of new and used piano display space, began offering the full Kawai line of instruments, and were named the exclusive Shigeru Kawai dealer for the region. Pianos restored by Farley's are found throughout the United States and Canada, and as far away as Munich and Vienna. Held has been playing the piano for the last 29 years and she is also an experienced guitarist. We also specialize in piano restoration, moving, storage, renting, and tuning, as well as piano and voice lessons.
The Farley family and their dedicated staff began to gain national recognition as highly skilled piano technicians and rebuilders. Kay Walsvik, who worked with the Farley's for twenty-four years, remembers the quirky decor and set-up of the downtown location fondly.
They also added teaching studios, offered space for recitals and recordings, and broadened their salon concert offerings.
Among their most famous instruments are the 1877 Steinway Model D Centennial grand piano rebuilt for the state-owned mansion, Villa Louis, and the 9' concert grand piano in the Overture Center's Capitol Theater.

Myung Hee Chung and after graduating studied jazz and improvisation with Brian Hagen.  Brandy began playing piano at age 4 and started taking lessons at age 8 with Rachelle Berger Poteracki.
She also gives her students the chance to perform 1-2 times a year in student recitals.  Her Madison, Wi music studio also makes monthly donations to the Heifer International Foundation to help others obtain sustainable food and income.
She loves playing piano, guitar, and singing.  In her spare time she spends time with family, boyfriend, friends, and her pets. It was there that Farley's began holding salon concerts to celebrate the completion of rebuilt grands, and the small lower level showroom was often standing room only. Browse our Gallery to view a portion of our piano collection or stop by to hear these magnificent instruments in person. From 2009 to 2012 she took voice lessons and has studied with vocal coaches Trudy Evans, Kelly Garrow,  and Caitlin Cisler, and Trudy Evans. Her other hobbies and interests include attending music concerts (especially Muse!), karaoke, comedy clubs, photography, psychology, hiking, working out, reading, Humane Society, Heifer International. For the past 12 years she has also enjoyed being a wedding pianist, accompanist, and church choir pianist for Community of Christ the Servant.
Her first album Chaser was released in June 2012 and is available on CD Baby, itunes, Amazon, and reverbnation.

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