Two months later, in January 1824, he set about recasting the melody of the cycle's 18th song, "Trockne Blumen" (Faded Flowers), into a set of variations for flute and piano. If you are looking for Guitar Lessons For Beginners Acoustic Easy Songs Tagalog Ind, you're come to the right place.
802 apparently grew only from Schubert's own notion to further explore his song's melody and not from any special practical impetus; the work may, however, have been composed with Schubert's flutist friend Ferdinand Bogner, a professor at the Vienna Conservatory, in mind. You can buy Guitar Lessons For Beginners Acoustic Easy Songs Tagalog Ind for sale at low price. As is commonly true of his works, it remained unpublished, and possibly unperformed, during Schubert's lifetime.

In 1850, the Introduction and Variations on "Trockne Blumen" were published for the first time as Op.
160, and were immediately and fervently accepted into the repertoire by a brotherhood of flutists who, during the nineteenth century, were given precious little new music.Schubert prefaces his theme and seven variations with a substantial introduction (Andante), during which vague rhythmic outlines of the coming theme can occasionally be heard to emerge from the seemingly improvisational texture. The theme itself is little changed from the actual song, however there is a new tempo indication (Andantino as opposed to the Ziemlich langsam of the Lied); Schubert follows his usual practice of employing German indications in his songs and Italian indications in his instrumental pieces. Some ornamental notes have been added (it is actually these ornamented figures that are most strongly foreshadowed in the introduction), and most of the phrases are played twice to let both the pianist and the flutist try them out before the variations begin.
The variations are crafted in the usual nineteenth-century manner, culminating in a grand and virtuosic Variation VII, wholly in E major, whose dimensions, like those of most variation-finales, are expanded far beyond those of the actual theme.

Actually one can find here the score autographs of the music collection as well as the letters and life documents of the manuscript collection of the Wienbibliothek im Rathaus (Viennese City Library).

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