Located in the lush, green countryside of the Upper Tiber Valley, Tartufi Bianconi has a great experience in Truffles business since 1990 with high quality delicatessen and best kind of fresh certificated Truffle.White and Black Truffle and other typical products from this valley preserve their intensity and the flavour of a “just picked” fresh Truffle, to make you enjoy the unique fragrance of the precious tuber all year long. An instructor of more than 20 years experience, Damian Bonazzoli began playing guitar at the age of thirteen, inspired by a range of guitar players from David Gilmore of Pink Floyd to Stevie Ray Vaughn to Joe Satriani. Damian's musical journey continued during his studies as a music major at the University of Massachusetts, from which he earned his Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in music in 1995. A dancer of 28 years experience, Brianna has been certified as a state level instructor and choreographer by the Florida Clogging Council. Donna Rodrigues began her fitness career in 2002 in Brunswick, Maine while her husband was stationed at Naval Air Station (NAS) Brunswick. Even during his early years of musical study, Damian avoided being tied to a particular genre, and instead tried to develop a style that would not easily be categorized.

His medium is oil on canvas, utilizing the "wet on wet" techniques he has learned and refined over many years of practice. Kruger received his formal training in music at the Juilliard School (Pre-College), Princeton University, Westminster Choir College of Rider University, and Trinity College, Cambridge University (UK). Toward this end, Damian expanded his musical taste and proficiency into symphonic music, jazz and blues, broadway-style musicals, and world music.
John's love of teaching is apparent to his students, and his painting techniques are both deeply expressive and surprisingly easy to learn. Kruger has worked at the elementary school, high school and college levels, teaching voice, piano, music theory and music history, while directing and composing for his school and church choirs. Kruger taught at Woodberry Forest School and Mary Baldwin College and directed music at Bethany Lutheran Church in Waynesboro.

James Episcopal School and has written and arranged compositions for the choir of Westminster By-the-Sea Presbyterian Church of Daytona Beach, the choir of St.
Mary’s Episcopal Church of Daytona Beach, the choir of Edgewater United Methodist Church, and the Bel Canto Singers of Daytona.

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