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In addition to musical benefits, piano lessons also foster many wonderful non-musical characteristics. No matter why you enroll your child, or even yourself, in music lessons, I hope piano adds joy to your life! Thanks to Rebecca for this wonderful post to help us learn more  about the benefits of Piano amd to celebrate National Piano Month! For more information or to register for Piano lessons, please call Rebecca at 225-767-0030. Each camp and group class has a maximum of 6 students, and enrollment is based on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you have a question for one of our experts, please leave it in the comments below  to be featured in an upcoming article.
Playing music is a fun and enjoyable activity, but like anything worth doing well, it takes a commitment and hard work. In fact, these non-musical skills are actually very important for musicians, and quite necessary to playing an instrument! Rebecca operates and owns Piano Pathways, voted a Family Favorite in Baton Rouge Parents Magazine. You can follow them and learn more on their social media channels – Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Opinions expressed herein are that of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of the sponsor.
Playing a musical instrument can enhance and develop math skills, language, coordination, social skills and improvements in spatial-temporal reasoning.

If your child has ever asked about piano lessons or shows interest in creating music at home, these camps are the perfect way to introduce children & teens to the piano. Piano camps are held in Piano Pathways piano lab, where every child is at his or her own instrument. Contact the studio today to register and reserve your place in one of these exciting summer camps! When I think of all of the wonderful reasons to take piano lessons, what comes to mind first are the many musical benefits that piano lessons provide.
Located at 9270 Siegen Lane, #304 behind the Calandros Grocery strip on the corner of Perkins and Siegen, centrally located and easy to find! Music is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children and summer is the perfect time of year to nurture a love of music and provide kids with a fun and educational musical experience with Piano Pathways Summer Camp.
These camps are Monday-Friday, 9-12 each day, tuition is $185 which includes materials and morning snack.
Children are guaranteed to have fun and learn to play the piano with this successful, first approach! As the original studio who first brought Baton Rouge piano camps for beginners, these camps are perfect for children and teens with little or no experience.
Students will build skills in reading rhythms and chord charts– using familiar music that students know and love! Despite studies of music’s effects on the brain and improving test scores, the most powerful benefit of music lessons is, in my opinion, the gain of a musical talent! Every person, despite age or skill level, can learn foundational piano skills and how to create tuneful music. Reading music is certainly not the only way to learn to play an instrument, but it is an accessible skill and common teaching approach in piano lessons.

No matter the genre of music we are studying, for example, popular, holiday, classical, I want students to play exciting music from different history periods, cultures, and composers.
These camps are meant to be a fun ensemble experience that boosts confidence and inspires your child’s love of piano. Standard music notation is how classical piano literature has been passed down for hundreds of years, and how composers traditionally notate their musical creations. By learning why music was written the way it was written and about its purpose in the culture, a student can adopt an appreciation for different kinds of music. Ask the question, “What do I want to accomplish in this practice session?” Set a goal for each time you practice, and have a practice plan in mind! Children who are used to doing things correct the first time initially have a hard time understanding that this won’t happen in piano!
Playing music is a special ability, but a very teachable and accessible ability that every person can learn! By reading music, a musician has the opportunity to learn endless musical repertoire from any culture, time period, or artist. Appreciation for different things leads to tolerance and empathy~ great life-skills for every person to emulate!
By struggling during the learning process, a child learns persistence, emotional strength, and confidence.

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