Electric Bass – Private Lessons are available for Beginner to Intermediate skills to learn the basic scales and melody lines.
Harmonica – Beginner lessons age 6 and up, on the diatonic, ten hole harmonica in the key of C.
Guitar Basics – Designed to create a strong foundation for guitar players, this class introduces all the basics to playing guitar including tuning, how to read chord chards, notation and TAB. Piano Class – This fun class will not only teach basic piano concepts, but also how to use the functions of the keyboard.
Musical Directions (Glee Club) – A group singing class for ages 6 and up to not only learn to sing great songs but also the fundamentals of singing which includes proper techniques for breath support and articulation while building confidence! String Class – This class is for beginners and will introduce the basic theory, technique and musicianship through fun and comprehensive group lessons. Music Explorers – Your little one will explore music in this fun group utilizing various percussion instruments, moving to music, singing, and other techniques to help your child age 3-5 grow musically and explore the diversity of music.  Come Explore with us!
Learn to play an electronic digital keyboard with a course of easy to follow keyboard lessons for both adults and children. Modern electronic Keyboards are equipped with a wide variety of drum patterns, automated accompaniment, synthesizer, and orchestral sounds which are certain to be a big hit with all members of the family. One of the questions I’m asked most often, as a piano teacher, is whether adults can learn to play piano.

The greatest asset adult students possess is self-motivation; no one is “forcing” them to take lessons. Upon completion of the series, the adult student is ready to choose his or her own pieces, any from Bach to Brahms, or from Billy Joel to the Beatles. An additional benefit for adult students at KeyNotes Piano Studio is our monthly meetings, in which just the adults gather, and play for each other. In addition, many of my adult students choose to participate in the main recitals in August, December and May.
KeyNotes Piano Studio 2 months ago Big congratulations to Oscar, Sophia, and Orlando Pryor, Lisa Lincoln Umana, who scored near perfect on their National Piano Guild Auditions this afternoon! Students will learn the parts of the violin and their functions, how to care for and maintain their instrument, fingering positions, bowing techniques, reading music and music symbols.
Students focus on fundamentals of note reading, tone production, embouchure strength, hand position, and posture. No matter what style you like best; You’re sure to be playing your favourite songs before you know it! Firstly, you will be taught the basic rudiments before progressing towards finding your own style of playing.
Think of the note names in your head as you go.Pay attention to the piano fingering for both hands.

While this meeting is voluntary, many students find that playing for each other both encourages and inspires them. Although adults’ participation is not mandatory, those who choose to perform, provide inspiration for the younger students.
In my thriving studio, one can always find anywhere from 10-15 adult students ranging from college age to 80-year-olds. Adult students usually begin their training with 45 minute lessons, using the “Piano Adventures for Adults” method.
This two-volume method moves quickly and incorporates many popular pieces, as well as standard repertoire from the classical period. Lessons are customized to each student’s ability and interest in a fun learning environment.

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