Ellipsed is the first example of the lament motive (suspension to A) in the prelude cycle. Circled are the romance motives at the beginning of the second and third verse of the piece. Bars 25-27 – soft climax of the piece, the 7-8 tone series in the upper layer is syncopated (the waltz meter is completely dissolved). Use of extremely high register – from bar 43 to the end, with the distance between the bottom and the top notes (bar 44) of about 6.5 octaves!
Strophic form with unsteady texture modulating from homophonic (the first verse) to contrapuntal (the second verse), then to the homophonic transition (bars 14–16) and back to the contrapuntal (the third verse). Starts from the introductory phrase (first 6 bars) which leads to the tonic in the first cadence. The first 32 bars of this prelude is a ceaseless 16th notes motion in the accompaniment – that is why the genre is identified as toccatina (etude, exercise).
The structure of this prelude (the lyrical climax of the cycle) combines characteristics of the composed through and the strophic form; this is why some sections of the prelude should be considered dualistically.
Thanks to the repetitive musical backcloth, the music can be associated again with the barrel- organ. For the same reasons, the music can also here be associated with the barrel-organ playing style (alternatively, another association would be with Shostakovich’s the Barrel-Organ Waltz from the music to the movie The Gadfly). Gradual modulation (from bar 17 to the end) from the genre of a martial song to the dramatic march (reminiscence of the Prelude No.
The Toronto Piano and Music Lesson Education Centre is the exclusive dealer of new Yamaha pianos in the GTA. If you were at school in the 1980s, you might remember your music department taking delivery of its bulk order of electronic keyboards; a fashionable accessory at the time. In short, there are three sorts of piano: an electronic keyboard, a digital piano, and an acoustic piano. Basically, the advice I always give is that prospective piano pupils (or their parents) should think about cost. I often feel unkind saying this, and it does come across as rather blunt, but the fact of the matter is, if the pupil or parent is unable to invest in a digital or acoustic piano either at the commencement of tuition or in the near future, they should instead consider electronic keyboard lessons.

There are 24 different pieces but when studied and performed, it becomes clear that the work consists of one single piece of many smaller parts. Boxed is the Ab Major triad—the climax of the piece at which the genre modulation is complete. The first appearances (in bars 19 and 22 – descending F natural-E and Bb-A natural) are largely absorbed by the quick tempo of this scherzo-burlesque. These motives appear at the beginning of the phrase - in bars 9-10 (delineating the G minor ascending sixth – D-Bb). Bar 34 – combination with the changing meter (the feeling of a cadential closure is dissolved there too). 6, the tonic of this piece becomes legible in the first cadence when the third of the tonic triad first appears in bar 9 (A natural); the second cadence brings the key of harmonic dominant (C# Major) in bar 17. These 32 bars consist of two parts, 16 bars each (the first part ends with a cadence modulating into the B minor in bar 16).
There are three verses in the first part, each ending with a cadence: the first two verses end with a full cadence in D minor, and the third one ends with the cadential six-four chord thus opening the structure to the next part - Baroque instrumental prelude. The change of key (distant chromatic mediant relationship), rhythm and texture signals a genre modulation (see below). I my opinion, those who want to learn the piano will need access to a digital or acoustic piano; the former start around ?450 for a decent model and the latter from around ?1,500 (often cheaper bought secondhand, but not a lot cheaper for a decent model). A certain amount of the skills learnt will be transferable to the piano at a later date, although it is almost certain that the pupil will need to back-track to learn some piano technique. Graded exams and diplomas are available right up to masters’ degree level whichever instrument you choose.
The reason for this becomes obvious when looking closely at the music: all 24 pieces consist of the same (or very similar) set of stylistic elements, the majority of which will become the common transcendent elements of the later, mature compositional style of Shostakovich (the third style level). The elements are grouped by major stylistic characteristics (tonality, intervals, chords, rhythm, texture, structure, special effects) and proceed from the more common (one asterisk) to the more unique (two asterisks) within each group.
The final one is in bar 32 – made up from the expressive lowered sixth degree (Gb-F). Tremolo starting in high register and then moving to the low register launches the bridge to the climax of the Prelude No.

We are committed to providing excellent customer service, experienced product knowledge, and the highest quality product.
Generally, because of the way an electronic keyboard is made, it isn’t possible to master the technique of piano playing on this type of instrument.
Keyboard players will be used to playing chords in the left hand and the reading of the bass clef parts will often be new and challenging. As always, here at David Barton Music we’re always willing to advise and help pupils and parents make the best decision about their tuition. 24 and of the entire prelude cycle) can be also associated with a lute playing style - commonly known in the 15th – 17th centuries. For any questions about new or used pianos and grand pianos, as well as a variety of other musical products and services, please contact one of our three locations in Pickering, Toronto and Mississauga. For example, keyboards often don’t have full-size keys, the key weighting is not correct, and their response is, as might be expected, pre-programmed electronically. Many pupils start piano lessons with an electronic keyboard, and so far as I’m concerned, this is OK to begin with. When having keyboard lessons,┬áthe time which on the piano might have been devoted to technique, is┬áchannelled to making use of the many and various electronic buttons the instrument offers. Although very short, these motives are still very distinctive from each other by texture, modes and rhythmic patterns. Generally, unlike the piano, keyboard pupils learn to play chords in the left hand and melodies in the right hand. Nowadays, some companies hire pianos on a rent-then-buy basis so this is also something worth considering to spread the cost.
These can be accompanied by backing sounds, and quite impressive performances can be created right from the beginning of having lessons. There is one more and final genre modulation – the gavotte theme returns and, in its gracious manner, ends the prelude cycle.

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