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More than 3-million adult students have learned to play the piano using this well-sequenced course. Divide your purchase into 24 equal payments and receive 24 months of interest free financing. There are many methods to help learn piano notes but this way is easy and children immediately engage with this animal memory game. 2. Start by asking them to play the groups of 2 black notes and 3 black notes, all the way up and down the keyboard, making sure to use the left hand for low notes and the right for high. 8. A for ANTS comes next, notice that the full piano keyboard starts and finishes on an A . 9. The last one is B for BEAR – repeat the process, and all the notes have been named, as we have reached C again! Now try to see if they can remember all the animals from beginning to end, as they play each note from C – B.
If you enjoyed this post, come and join us on Facebook, Pinterest and Google + or subscribe to our free bi-weekly newsletter for many more musical ideas! Hi, may I ask what fingering should the child to use when playing the notes in this 1st lesson? Hi Sarah, This early lesson is really a note naming exercise and so the emphasise is on finding and identifying the notes rather than playing them with any particular fingering. My favourite piano tutor books are Chesters, they have a cute set of fun characters and offer a good clear introduction to the basics and kids always love them. Este libro contiene una guia paso a paso de como introducir unas lec- ciones basicas de piano y teoria musi- cal con el objetivo principal de que el nino aprenda mientras se divierte. Perfect for beginners who prefer a chord approach, the Alfred Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course Lesson Book 1 & DVD helps students learn how to play chords in either hand in order to move beyond simply playing single note melodies.

They are so keen to memorise the order of the animals that they inadvertently learn the piano keys without realising it!
Then find middle C by looking for the 2 black notes in the middle – C comes just before these 2 black notes. E  for ELEPHANT comes next, find all the elephants by hopping up and down the keyboard, noticing that it comes on the other side of the 2 black keys.6. The next note is F for FROG!
The next note is G for GIRAFFE, find all the Gs up and down the keyboard, always making sure that the right hand is used for higher than middle C, and the left hand is used for lower than middle C. Although this seems a lot of information for the first piano lesson, children really seem to enjoy the challenge of remembering the correct order of the animals, and after a little bit of practice they love to demonstrate that they can recognise which one is which. Allow the child to explore the keyboard, using whichever fingers they find most comfortable (probably 1,2 & 3) The discipline of fingering comes in the following lessons.
It makes the dexterity for the left hand easier and maybe he might find the right hand takes a little more practice, but either way, its very good for both.
Chesters also have lots of additional support books like easy first Jazzy pieces and simple arrangements of well known tunes.
Estas lecciones adaptadas para los ninos van a construir una base rme y duradera por el amor al piano. The accompanying DVD includes an introduction to all the pages in the book and performances of the pieces by well-known teacher, Gayle Kowalchyk.Titles: Alouette * Alpine Melody * Amazing Grace * At Last * Au Claire de la Lune * Aura Lee * The Ballad of Gilligans Island * Beautiful Brown Eyes * Blow the Man Down! The whole keyboard stretching out in front of them can be a bit overwhelming, so firstly it is important to break it down, and help to them recognise that there are indeed only 7 notes, just repeated over and over. Encourage them to explore some high and low notes, and make sure they can tell the difference. It comes after C and is in between the 2 black notes, which look like the dog’s black ears! Find all the Ds. Repeat the hopping game in the same way, noticing that it comes before the group of 3 black notes.

Check out my First Piano Lessons eBook for much more detail, resources and teaching guidance.
We were paying ALOT on 1x week 30 minute lessons for our kids and I was so sad when our budget couldn’t support it anymore!
Of course there are tons of other great tutor books out there and I often pick and choose extra pieces from other sources to keep them interested and this builds up a fun repertoire. Depending on the age and attention span of your child or the child you are teaching, to make it easier this lesson can be broken up into two sections which introduces C-D-E-F first, and then G-A-B  the next time. My budget does not permit me to hire a private trainer, so I have been looking for good resource. Navigate by looking for the 2 black keys, and notice that they are always the same distance of 8 notes apart each time, call this an Octave.
Arpeggios & Runs in Contrary Motions Exercises a€“ Ejercicios de arpegios y Runs en movimientos contrarios A  23.
We have also converted all of our binders into PDF format so you can view and print from your own computer and printer.
Each of the videos is high-quality, full-sized (640 x 480) movie files you can download directly to your computer.
Esto es especialmente A?til para clientes internacionales A  a€?Our online lessons are usually more affordable than DVD courses.

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