The semibreves to be kept pressed down, and the crotchets to be played with the fingers marked under them, while counting aloud and lifting the different fingers about an inch from the keyboard.
In this lesson we'll look at a short funk pattern with some stabbing right-hand chords, and a classic walking-bass riff.
Notice however, that the second group of notes are both staccato, whereas the first and third groups have a longer first chord. The left hand functions as the solid on-the-beat pattern, allowing your right hand to play off it, it needs to have a solid steady beat.

The second bar is a kind of walk up the piano in octaves - it's a really fun and classic piano technique which you'll find in walking bass jazz and elsewhere.
Now here's the pattern and on the play button is just a drum track to give you a chance to play along yourself.
I strongly advise the student, as he advances, to play through some of the Exercises every day, increasing the Tempo gradually but never playing them too rapidly, and paying careful attention to the articulation of the fingers.
It is also advisable to play the scales and Arpeggio Exercises straight through without a break in each key.

The following Exercises can be played either Forte or Piano, and may be repeated three or four times, but without fatiguing the hand.

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