At Dream World Music Center Setapak KL Malaysia, we offer weekly individual piano lesson to beginner, intermediate and advanced students from age 5 through high school and beyond.
Learning and mastering the scales on the piano is foundation to your understanding of music.
Learning piano chords is to boost your music reading skills, music memorizing skills, music composition skills, improvisation skills, song leading, accompanying, and overall confidence at the keyboard. Learning to read piano music scores is to open up a whole world of music to pianists of all abilities and is a worthy and attainable pursuit for everyone wanting to know how to play the piano.
Now taking piano lesson in Dream World Music Center Setapak KL Malaysia is easy, fun and affordable.
If you are interested on our piano lesson in Setapak KL Malaysia and want to booking or have any concerns regarding our lesson, simply fill up the form below and let us know.
If you have any enquiries or you may want to reserve your FREE TRIAL music lesson, kindly fill up the form below. I want to visitLooking for a private piano teacher in Malaysia?Request a teacher from us today. Request nowSearching for a piano job assignment?Register with us as a music teacher and receive unlimited jobs daily! Request a teacher from us and we will provide an experienced and responsible teacher for you.

Our piano courses are cater for everyone, from beginners, kids, adults to even toddlers.  Some advanced level players might considering going into Keyboard Lesson or certain genre like Classical Piano Lesson and Jazz Piano Lesson. Our piano lessons are conducted primarily in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang and Johor Bahru area. While learning on how to play a piano is just the beginning, practice is a an intergral part of the whole journey. Customized Training ProgramWe customize the syllabus according to your need or preference without limitations. Jazz Piano Lesson Jazz does not belong to one race or culture, but is a gift that America has given the world. The piano lesson includes a balance of theory, ear training, sight reading and repertoire appropriate to the student’s level and musical ability.
In general, piano lesson is to cover all the fundamental elements of piano-playing foundation. That being said, our teachers are carefully selected to make sure you find the most suitable one. Be it one to one private coaching or a group lesson, our piano trainers will design the course structure based of your capabilities from the fundamental to advanced level.
Some sample of our musical instruments of various brands.FEEL FREE TO CALL US FOR MORE INFORMATION AND PHOTOS!

Since Dream World Music Center’s piano lesson teachers are made out of passionate and enthusiastic piano teacher, the learning environment is fun, easy, enjoyable and effective. All the scopes of the lesson and study are all described in detail in term of practical and theoretical during the lesson. Well, if you want to master this art, you will probably need a piano instructor nearby your area. No matter who you are, we strongly believed that a good piano tutor can definitely get you a head start in your learning process. So, waste no time on wrong  practice, get you proper piano education with My Aone Piano now. All of our teachers are professionals and well versed in both Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM) and Trinity Guildhall Syllabus. In order to make our lesson better, our passionate piano teachers have work extra miles to equip themselves with variety of teaching methods that are synergy with current exam syllabus – ABRSM and Trinity. Simply fill up the request form you are ready to embark your music journey with your favourite mentor.

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