Piano, Voice And GuitarEmily Messick grew up in Ripon, California and has been interested in music for her entire life. Music and My Child We are a premier children's music studio offering Kindermusik in theSacramento, CAFifth String We offer instruction in just about every style.
Upon graduating high school in 2000, he moved to Los Angeles to study percussion at the Musician's Institute. In high school, she was involved in many performance activities such as playing trumpet in the concert band, singing in the choir, acting and singing in every school musical.

From the great flatpickSacramento, CAThe Drum Lab The Drum Labis Sacramento's first and only school of drumming. Director Cindy Su has been studying the piano and violin since the age of 4 and has taught since her early 20s.
I can teach 90 students and say 'I am a successful teacher but I don't get to know my students', or I can say 'I have 35 students, and I form a good relationship with every single one of them'. The center's staff of more than 9 instructors focuses first on each student's individual needs and goals.

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