I made a new assignment page (assignment sheet) and I’m going to share with you why I revised my old one, which had also been revised. I included all the bells and whistles that made my original assignment page so unusual when I first posted it.
When I started using binders with my students, I decided I need an assignment sheet just for the little ones. There are two pages to this PDF,  because I have a duplex printer, which is a fancy term that means it can print on both sides. I punch holes in both sides of their assignment sheet, so I can turn it over quickly and easily. One of the best things I bought a few years ago was an electric three hole punch from Amazon. If you have downloaded material from this site, please consider making a donation to help maintain the website. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Susan Paradis Piano Teaching Resources · Music, games, teaching material, and iPad ideas for piano teachers. I thought it might be helpful to those of you considering using assignment sheets in your studio to have a roundup of some of the templates out there. I used many of these models as inspiration for creating my own Piano Assignment Sheet last year. HELLOI'm Ashley - church musician, piano teacher, blogger, and designer behind Doxology Press on Etsy.
Flash Mobs and Other Creative Ways to Come Together in Worship It’s been a tough few weeks in the world.
After you have edited the assignment page, save it with a different file name so you can use it again.
I really believe students stay in piano longer if they are always learning a piece to play for an event that is either adjudicated or has an audience.

I put the Circle of Fifths on the assignment sheet so students can gradually learn the order of key signatures. You can either circle the ones that are assigned, or ask the student to circle the ones they practice. I love being able to print on both sides, so by giving this printable two pages, it can print both side easily. I like to keep the latest assignment as the first page when they open their binder, and by punching holes in both sides, it is more useful and saves paper.
I know from experience that written assignment sheets do not work for every student, but for most of my current students, they make a big difference in organizing home practice and keeping open communication with parents. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. If you’ve been following for the last few weeks, you will notice this coordinates with the calendar and binder cover. I think that is the secret to why my students practice fairly well, even though they are extremely busy with outside activities.
You are welcome to post a link to your assignment sheet in the comments, if you want to share. But when they progress and it’s time for one with more detail, all I had was a very serviceable, but boring looking black and white page. Several mentioned that it was a lot easier to understood the major and minor circle of 5ths. If you are not using a duplex printer, remember that every time you print you will get 2 pages, unless you specify to print page one, only. I keep all my assignments sheets close by, holes already punched, so it only takes a second. Keeping a written record of projects, goals, and repertoire keeps all of us on the same page, even though we’re only together for 30 minutes a week.
Some of these models include staff lines (for composition starters or warm-ups), the circle of fifths, keyboard legends (great for marking hand positions), and space to write messages to parents (and for parents to write messages to you!).

I inadvertently inserted the wrong keyboard graphic and it was not big enough to write a full scale. If parents know their child is going to be playing for an audience, they will make more of an effort to help their child practice. As I was writing this blog post, I  checked her blog to make sure I have her link correct, and I discovered she is having a give-away this week of a new scale book she has put together. If you don’t have that option, print on one side and use a test sheet to figure out how to print on the other side without getting it upside down.
Thank you to those who help support this site because without your help it would not be possible! Also, a friend told me that the type was printing too light to see the circle of 5ths and the keyboard.
It will also print in black and white, with  the color turning into different shades of  gray.
Why not make things easy for busy parents who already have trouble finding time to practice with their children?
Since I  use several different books depending on the child, as well as things I make myself, that works well.
When they are far enough along to use average age books, they look forward to getting the “big girl one” as one of my students said last week!
Then you can reinsert your pages to print on the back, if you wish, following the same instructions.

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