I am new to my iPad mini and don’t know how to put this worksheet on so I could do it with my classes and write in answers. My students (and me too) love to make the lessons more fun, and I definitely think they learn better that way! If you have downloaded material from this site, please consider making a donation to help maintain the website.
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This afternoon however I was absolutely stunned when one child decided that she didn't want to play any of the tunes I had carefully spent a good hour or so converting into computer keyboard-friendly language - instead she wanted to show me how she could play the EastEnders theme tune on it!

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Alicia Keys admitted to a touch of stage nerves before her performance at the Royal Albert Hall. Having done this lesson before and felt there was little I could do to improve it I leapt at the opportunity to take it in a new direction.
The larger print also makes it possible to use this on your iPad with older beginners who can write smaller. Thus followed a few minutes of us both matching the keyboard letters to the piano keys she knew, writing it down and then sharing it with the others for them to play.
You will have to experiment because pre-children vary a lot in their ability to write on the iPad.

As far as using your mini with iTV, you probably need to do some research for what works best for you.
If you're playing this on a piano then I remind you that there are no sharps # and all the keys are white. Students write the finger numbers on the worksheet and then play the examples, using more difficult positions and accidentals. The print is large for younger students and to make it easier to use with an iPad.This is a companion to I Can Write the Music Alphabet.

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