So you've spotted musical talent in your children but not sure if they'll show true commitment? While the sound quality can't match those of acoustic piano, digital piano sure offer a lot more advantages. The compact configuration of this digital piano allows it to integrate easily into virtually any interior environment. When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated.

Create music and have fun with this excellent keyboard with lots of demos rhythms and tones. Pleasant expressive piano voices meets a wide range of other primary instruments and a mix of beats allows you to blend your very own style of creative music. It is lightweight, and most importantly, you can bring them wherever you want for a your own performance, as it is conveniently powered via 6x 1.5V batteries.
What's more, this keyboard package also comes with a plug-in for microphone, for those who loves staging their own show.

A rhythm programming function offers a richer, deeper beat while record function allows you to record your own performance and playback at a later point.

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