The only exception to that is when the teacher is unable to take the class and a new date is set to make up for that missed class. When a pupil misses a class there is no obligation for the teacher to reschedule that class. There may be an occasion that out of goodwill the teacher will make a rescheduled lesson available on an agreed time and date. Example cost of a 12 week term fee would be €180 and payment would be due on the first day of the new term. Eoin O'Sullivan, Ultan O'Sullivan, Dan Elliott, John Amadeus Elliott, Jessica O'Sullivan, Orla O'Sullivan, Betty O'Sullivan, Karen Bourke, John O'Sullivan.
Carl Plover (assistant manager or Cork Deaf Association), Orla O Sullivan, and Neil Ashworth (manager of the National Council for the Blind in Ireland).
The poster below relates to the appearance as guest speaker at Monasterevin Lenten Faith Lectures, 2014.
Performances at weddings, functions, and other social gatherings are negotiable according to size and venue.

You can also find Orla's CD on sale for €10 in Cork at the Cork City Library, Pro Musica, Cork Deaf Association, and the Cork School of Music.
This video shows the revolutionary teaching methods used to enable Deaf students learn music in all its disciplines. Claire holds 1st class honours Masters in Music Performance from the CIT Cork School of Music. In May 2012 Claire received a masterclass from world-renowned Australian classical pianist Victor Sangiorgio. For her first Masters recital, Le Rossignol Chantera, she collaborated with tenor Robert Craig to perform a song recital with works by Barber, Debussy, Schoenberg and Britten. Claire spent the past three years as a choral coach-accompanist for the Pfizerpfonics Choir and the St Finbarr’s Hospital Choir. It will especially help enable Deaf and other sensory impaired students to match their non-sensory impaired peers.
She is a qualified and experienced teacher and is happy to teach all ages and experience levels.

Orla gave a recital in the concourse of the Cork School of Music introduced by Dr Evelyn Grant. At about the same time she was Highly Commended at the CSM Senior Rectial competition by Alan Smale, former leader of the RTE National Symphony Orchestra. Her second recital, Le Chat Noir, staged by Ciaran Bermingham, featured vocalist Gemma Sugure, presenting an evening of drama and cabaret. Having participated in many choirs, worked with solo singers, and being a vocalist herself, Claire is a sensitive vocal coach-accompanist. This was part of the Cork Lifelong Learning Festival which is an opportunity for people involved in all forms of learning in Cork to celebrate and showcase their activities. Her 3rd Masters recital, Clara, featured Romantic works with Ed Creedon (viola) and Emma Power (soprano).

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