Piano for You, has few mind blowing features like 88 keys, multi touch effect, fast loading time which is 0.3 seconds and sustain pedal.
This app has an interesting feature, were you can download the tracks you wish.  It has over 120 different effects.
Minus Point: There is no option to record and play, Requires Active Internet Connection, without new connection app will not run. You get to experience the original effect on this app.  It has a good interface and dozens of other features.
Pianist HD has an amazing interface, mind blowing sound quality, no ads, beat mixing and a lot of other features. You can learn to play more than 100 songs.  You can learn chords and its progressions easily.

This app will help your child to learn colors, names of the animals and it is loaded with a lot of songs. You can request your favorite song and your list will be updated.  It has good sense of rhythm compared to other piano apps. Piano lesson tutor has a lot of information that will make it easy for you to understand music theory. Simply press the keys or move your fingures on the keyboard to hear your own created Piano sound. It has the full keyboard, multi touch, record and share, 70 preloaded songs and helps you learn songs.
Jaxily are the developers of this app  and piano pro is a free app  for all the android devices.

It has pretty good interface and colorful look.  It has a lot of animated cartoons and songs to make it attractive for the kids. If you find any other Piano application, or any application which is not available on Nokia Store then dont forgot to share it with us.
You can share your recorded tracks with your friends on facebook and other social networking sites.
Great Companion with Virtual Drums applications since this provides different sounds. Best app if you are learning Piano or you are Piano Master or learning Piano Perfect for better piano player.

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