Group Piano is a continuous program allowing students to start at anytime and learn at their own pace, advancing when they are ready.
Learning the piano can be made even more fun when you work with other enthusiastic and motivated students! Facebook FeedAureus Academy 2 weeks ago EXTRA DAYS OF SUMMER CAMP have been added to the first week of August!
Schedule a free trial at any of our centres for violin lessons by filling out the form below! Schedule a free trial at any of our centres for vocal lessons and receive an $50 discount upon enrolment in our Forum the Shopping Mall Centre! Students are given the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of activities to meet the different learning styles and needs of each child. This program is ideal for beginners who love music and have an interest in learning how to play an instrument. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

A: No, you do not need to call and notify us if your child cannot attend their regular group piano lesson. All students who are enrolled in the Aureus Group Piano course will receive a strong technical foundation through introduction of time-tested technical exercises. When you enrol in our 112 Katong or Rochester Mall centres, you will receive an $50 discount with enrolment!
In order to instill a firm understanding of the collaborative nature of the music-making process, Chorus Music offers group piano lessons to students ranging from ages 6-10. Activities include introduction to solo and group performing, written theory work, ear training, technique, composition, sight-reading, rhythmic accuracy, and interactive, hands-on games that enforce core music concepts in a memorable and effective manner. Students will also be taught the fundamental skill sets that are required to become a fluent musical reader.
The group lessons are designed to provide inclusive and engaging classroom environment that foster both cognitive and social development through the delivery of a curriculum that teaches fundamental musicianship skills and the importance of working as a team.
The curriculum followed provides a solid foundation for classical piano training and private lessons.

We offer many fun music lessons for kids and adults including Piano lessons, Vocal lessons, Guitar lessons, Bass lessons, Drum lessons, Rock School, Music Therapy, Group Piano lessons and Music Starters. Students will learn how to play scales and arpeggios and will be taught progressively more challenging pieces from the wide repertoire offered for the piano.
Send us a message to enrol for our trial month or ask more about our terms & conditions. Reserve your slot at our new centre opening in AMK Hub on 1st August (level 3) before they get taken up! View on FacebookAureus Academy 1 month ago Aureus Academy will officially be opening centres at AMK Hub on 1st August and Westgate on 1st September!

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