Happy birthday easy piano music - ' play music, Happy birthday important songs child learn. Now let me introduce you 6 software that allow you to learn or practice different instruments on your PC. Synthesia is a fantastic virtual piano that you can play or practice piano with your PC keyboard (or MIDI keyboard).
If you are also an expert piano player, move your fingers on your PC keyboard you can also play Beethoven works.

Guitar Speed Trainer is a play-along training software that will help you play guitar scales, patterns, licks, and solos at burning speeds.
With 20 minutes a day of practice, in a few weeks you will be playing with more speed and Precision that you ever imagined possible.
Bass Fretboard Addict will offer you a fun way to practice the bass fretboard by notes or by fret positions, practice reading standard music notation alongside the fretboard and more. This software can open and play any MIDI file (.mid), showing how to play the song on the virtual drums.

You can combine general MIDI sounds with Audio (sound library required), add harmony, chords and shapes to MIDI and Audio output, learn the main valve combinations through the entire range of the instrument.

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