This is a piano that was built in the early 1900's and has been in our household since about 1966.
I am downsizing and am heartbroken at having to give it up so I would such as to see it go to a house with kids or somebody who will certainly play it frequently. Packed with everything you need to care for your piano's delicate finish, this complete grand piano cleaning kit is a must. Avoid sticky wax buil-up and protect your piano's delicate finish with this complete piano cabinet care system. Clean and protect your digital piano's finish and enhance its luster with this complete digital piano cabinet care system.
This simple device solves the age-old problem of removing the dust and debris under your piano strings.
The sleek, attractive design by Roland features a weighted base and adjustable bar lamp with 10 LEDs. Our most popular-selling caster cup, this pack of 3 fits any grand piano without taking away from your piano's - or your floor's - beauty. Fully adjustable in all directions and easy to collapse, this sturdy stand is excellent for larger keyboards. Featuring a piano-style mechanism and switchable polarity, the KSP-100 is an excellent and affordable keyboard pedal.
In this digital age, it's no surprise that more and more students are beginning their piano study on digital pianos. While it is possible during the first couple of months of lessons to begin learning basic notes and rhythms on a keyboard, you will not be able to develop the proper musculature to play a piano.
Roland's revolutionary V-Piano® modeling technology in a grand piano cabinet with multi-channel 3D sound.
Designed with the modern learner in mind, the HPi-50e is the World's first application-based piano. The LX-17 is packed with a massive, 8-speaker Acoustic Projectionaā€˛? sound system, modeling technology, a hybrid action and Bluetooth.

Powered by a host of new technologies, a hybrid action and Bluetooth connectivity, the HP-605 sets a new performance standard. Powered by Roland's flagship sound engine and piano action, the HP-506 will delight pianists, educators and piano students everywhere. Compact and affordable, this feature-packed piano features a hybrid action, a new piano sound and Bluetooth MIDI technology. Ideal for bands, gigs and studio recording, the FP-80 offers top-grade features in an easy-to-use format.
Though not recommended as long-term lessons instruments, attractive cabinetry and Roland's legendary heritage in digital piano craftsmanship make these instruments the premier choice for entry-level digital pianos. Available only to a select group of Roland dealers, this compact instrument with rhythms is a great value for lessons students. Featuring Roland's SuperNATURAL® Piano Sound Engine and gravity hammer action, this starter digital is a great value for beginners. With surprising clarity and depth, the Brodmann PE-150 is a perfect choice for those who have always dreamed of owning a grand piano. One of the best-selling pianos in the Brodmann line, the PE-162 offers design features that bring big piano sound into any room size. Easily one of the most popular-selling upright pianos we've ever seen, the PE-121 is perfect for players of all ages and skill levels.
Designed to meet or exceed district bid specs and player expectations alike, this beautiful instrument is a joy to play. Tuning for any of the pianos is also available for $85.00 and is to be scheduled a week or so after delivery to allow the piano to acclimate to your home.
Delivery and tuning services may be purchased via Credit Card using the links above, in person on delivery, or at the antique mall when you buy the piano. If you are moving the pianos yourself, you must bring your own help to load the piano to your vehicle. You may also choose to hire your own moving service and you are welcome to have your own piano tuner or piano teachers inspect the instruments before purchasing them.

Because of my tuning and delivery services, we are able to acquire these pianos from many different sources, including local households, auctions, estates and pianos I receive on consignment. Feel free to call (502) 442-0585 if you have any questions about the pianos or for more information about delivery or tuning services.
Pianos are displayed at the Derby City Antique Mall, located at 3819 Bardstown Road, open daily till 5pm.
It has an iron harp, so it holds tuning REALLY well and it has a great deal of the original ivory secrets.
Just as group-based, computer-aided learning has infused modern schools with new teaching techniques, so digital pianos have infused modern piano studios with a host of new tools for teaching piano lessons. Click here to check our constantly-changing selection of pre-owned Steinways and rebuild Steinway pianos.
Just like any piano this age, there are fractures in the soundboard but it has actually been well maintained and in a home with a humidifier so they are just from age.
Most students who begin on keyboards get frustrated and quit within the first year of piano study. We have a piano dolly that you and your helpers may use to roll the piano to the parking lot. The only thing it ought to require is tuning, as I have not kept up with that in the last few years as it got played less and less. More difficult moves may be possible, but extra help and a charge accordingly will be required.

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