Payment can be made using a UK registered credit or debit card with a three digit number on the reverse of the card. The Piano Stool is the leading piano stool website with the widest choice of styles, colours and fabrics. Whether you want a stool to fit two or just want a little more room for yourself we have a wide choice of duet stools with one to suit you. These double seat stools, also known as a teachers stool, are perfect for players of differing heights. We use a leading independent UK based online payment company, specialising in providing a safe and secure payment gateway for your peace of mind. Many schools and collages choose us to fulfil their needs and we have even provided Ben Sherman with bulk orders to be used in their changing rooms as far afield as Dubai.
Piano for All claims to have an Ingenious new way to play piano or keyboard The course cost $39.95 (on offer) for the complete set of 10 “books” available for download or on cd. International Piano magazine incorporates International Piano (formally International Piano Quarterly) and Piano magazine. Buying the right piano is often a difficult task, as a professional, I am here to help, whether you are choosing your first piano or upgrading to a better instrument. If you are seeking to upgrade your piano we can do part exchange on a new piano or your first Grand.
Have a look at my current stock, and if you do not see what your are looking for, please contact me for a professional and personal service. View My Current Stock of Pianos; pianos are constantly changing, so please check back frequently ! This piano offers a tremendous tone and touch you’d expect from such a fine instrument.

This is a fantastic price for such an incredible piano, save your self ???’s compared to a new Yamaha U1 which retails at over ?7000! If you are not sure what type of stool you require then view our browse pages to see an image of every style of stool that we supply.
You will not have to contact us to find out what colours and styles are available or have to wait for a catalogue.
Every type from a simple straight leg stool to a deep buttoned, leather covered stool with turned regency style legs. Ensuring that you are both at the correct height as your posture is of the utmost importance. There is no need to contact us for details of our products or wait for a catalogue, just order your new stool online in the colour and finish of your choice. View our huge range of quality products all made and finished in the colour and fabric of your choice to match your piano and its surroundings. They can be purchased separately but as some are $29.95 it would be better to buy the whole set while they are on offer.
Separated into digital, grand and uprights the listings have the location, price and make all clearly shown. Select from our huge range of options to obtain your new stool in the style, colour and finish you require. This instrument will only consist of genuine Yamaha parts and worked on by trained Yamaha staff. Buy this reconditioned Yamaha U1 for just ?3295 including free delivery* and free first tuning! With a large choice of fabrics and wood colours you are sure to be able to match your new stool to its surrondings.

However this is only the beginning, using the embedded links of the further reading and external links with bring a wealth of information. This virtual keyboard is designed by CMAGICS to enable you to play online on your computer. If you still cannot find what you are looking for then we can finish your new stool in fabric supplied by you.
All instruments are fully overhauled, tuned to concert pitch and include delivery and tuning. Coach House Pianos are Premium Yamaha dealers and will only ever use the finest Yamaha parts regulated by authorised and trained Yamaha technicians! As with all Yamaha reconditioned pianos this instrument is in immaculate condition and would almost pass as a brand new Yamaha U1..! There is a search facility, try entering the area without completing the other options first to get the widest selection.
With delivery to anywhere in the UK including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool, Nottingham and Sheffield.
It was bought from Templers of Rothley in Leicestershire at a guess I would say it is about 20 years old.

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