We offer piano, keyboard, voice, bass, guitar, violin, music production, saxaphone and drum lessons for students from 5 – 105, from beginner to advanced.
Private instruction is available in piano, voice, guitar , violin, trumpet, electric bass, flute, saxaphone and drums.
Imagine life without music…like your favorite movie without a soundtrack, driving to work without a radio, or going to a dance…in silence! We at Soundscape Music Studios dedicate our time so we can bestow the gift of music upon you and your loved ones. I am an active member of the Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC) and have a masters degree in piano performance. Subscribe to our mailing list and buy a package of 10 group or private lessons and you'll be automatically entered for a chance to win a brand new, full-size violin complete with bow and case or get a month of free music lessons! The move from one white key to the next is called a full step if there is a black note between them. First, the key signature, which is located between the time signature and the clef sign, can let you know whether notes will be natural, sharp or flat.
The other way to determine if a note is going to be sharp, flat, or natural was mentioned above. The piano's notes, about which you've already gained some knowledge by reading this article. In your piano lesson you should also receive critiques of your technique, playing ability and progress. You can find a qualified piano teacher through your local university, college, church or publication, or perhaps you know a family friend who may be interested in teaching you how to play the piano. The following articles and web pages can help you learn to read music and, in the process, learn how to associate the keys on the piano with the notes on the music. The Music Abode provides personalized private piano lessons, voice lessons, guitar lessons for all Orange County in your home.
We are very creative with our operating costs, ensuring the best quality instruction for an affordable rate.
Our fully screened and qualified instructors are selected based on each student’s needs with the ability to teach all ages, levels, and genres of music. Our well rounded instructors from varying backgrounds enjoy achieving each student’s goals while simultaneously expanding their music horizons and introducing different genres, styles, and composers.
You could opt to never join an ensemble, and still access the highest highs, the lowest lows, and play all of the melodies and harmonies you could dream up. We approach lessons with a with a focus on your personal goals, whether you want beginner piano lessons, advanced ones, or something in between. We encourage you to set musical goals and ask yourself where you'd like to use your musical skills outside of lessons.
If you have never taken any piano lessons before but it is something you have always wanted to do or you have a child that has shown an interest in learning how to play the piano you should make it a point to try to get the lessons when you have the interest right away. Some people may have an initial fear about getting started with piano lessons, particularly if they are older and have waited until they are into adulthood to learn how to play. You want to make sure that you sign up for lessons with an instructor that has experience in teaching complete beginners about the piano.
Once you have started your piano lessons in anaheim or in your own area you will be able to find yourself making progress and learning to play the piano just like you have always wanted to. There are a number of options available to you when it comes to finding the most affordable piano lessons in your area.
When looking for affordable piano lessons, anaheim residents will need to do some investigating in order to find the most convenient offers. You are the one inspiring yourself and others to feel the way you feel when you listen to music.

Every new student gets a free 30 minute trial lesson.  This allows us to evaluate the student and also gives you an opportunity to evaluate us!  If it’s a match (and it almost always is) then we can proceed to month to month lessons. For those of you interested in enrolling your children or perhaps yourself in Certificate of Merit testing, we have qualified teachers who are part of the Music Teachers Association and can enroll and prepare you for this testing. I am an award winning teacher and have worked with numerous children of all ages and adults over the past 25 years. Whether you play the piano for its romanticism, the beauty of the pieces that can be played, or because your parents are forcing you to do it (lucky you), you need to keep in mind that playing an instrument requires hard work and dedication.
While a keyboard follows the same basic rules you use to play the piano, keyboards often have less keys and achieve a different sound.
Everyone has to start somewhere when learning to play the piano; we are going to start with Middle C.
This is because some sharp and flat notes are actually played on the same key as natural notes. Determining whether the keys you play will be sharp or flat can be done in a few different ways.
Throughout the entire piece, the B will be flat unless otherwise noted by a natural or a sharp sign will be located next to the specific note. This is because the F Major scale is what determines what the key signature is going to be.
A sharp, natural or flat symbol will sometimes appear before a note to indicate how you should play it.
Not only do scales help improve memorization of notes and key location, but they also help you to improve tone, quality, intonation, technique and stylization. We come to you with flexible scheduling to make lessons available to all students in this fast paced world!
In addition, we offer scholarship funding 50%-100% tuition coverage for qualifying students.
Lessons are geared toward the goals and learning curves of the student, we do not use one standard method for all. Approach a piano for the first time, and there's no awkward body positioning, no tuning, and no spending weeks trying to eek a sound out. As a music school, we don't condone one style of learning over another, and believe that different approaches work for different students. It's okay if your answer is as simple as I want to play in my own living room during the holidays or as daunting as I want to get into a music conservatory. Learning the piano can be a fun and wondrous adventure for anyone no matter what age that you may be at and it gives you a chance to explore the world of music and learn something completely new.
The fact is that it does not matter what age you are at when you start to learn the piano; the idea is to do something that you really are going to enjoy and get something out of to benefit yourself.
This will let you know that they have the patience and understanding that it may take for someone brand new to start up with the piano and learn from scratch.
Every new thing that you learn will add to your repertoire as you build on the knowledge of each lesson you have and before you know it you will find yourself playing songs and enjoying the piano in your own home.
It may have always been a dream of yours as you have watched many of your favorite musicians play the songs you love or the style of music you enjoy, but for one reason or another maybe you just never got around to taking the lessons you wanted to when you were younger. Naturally, you can ask around in your area among people you know, family, co-workers and the like so that you can see who offers lessons and just how much the cost is per lesson so you can find the one with the best prices. Sometimes you can find instructors that are willing to offer classes online or over the Internet.
While you want to find the best deal that you can, you do need to remember that sometimes you may have to pay just a bit more to get to work with a top instructor that has a good track record and experience with students at your level of expertise so you can have the best experience possible. We offer piano, keyboard, electric bass, voice, guitar, violin and drum lessons for students from 5 – 105, from beginner to advanced.

Nevertheless, if you have to get something smaller due to your current living accommodations, a keyboard will suffice for basic learning purposes and practicing requirements. Your keyboard should have a row of white piano keys interrupted by alternating sets of three and two black keys. Instead of the fourth note being flat, the seventh note of every scale, used to determine the sharp key signature, will be a sharp note.
While some people are able to play the piano by ear (this means they can hear a song and can sit down and play it without knowing how to read a note of music), most people cannot do this.
Between lessons, or if you are teaching yourself, you will want to practice as often as possible.
We'll help you conquer all 88 keys (or fewer, if keyboard's your style), whether you're into rock anthems or Rachmaninoff. Whatever your goals, we encourage you to look at your 'big picture,' because looking forward keeps you moving forward. When you do decide to sign up for piano classes in anaheim or any other area you will find that the first few lessons can really help lay the groundwork for you. If you have little or no experience at all with the piano and you do not know how to read music, you spend the first few lessons learning as much of the basics as you possibly can so that you have a clearer understanding about the piano itself, the keys and the music you are going to learn to read.
The more patient and understanding that your teacher is for your lessons, the more you will be able to learn well and make the progress that you are hoping to make. Perhaps you have a child that has shown interest in playing the piano and you want to find the best options available for them as far as lessons nearby. You could also try searching on the Internet for instructors in your area and see what type of price listings you can find that are nearby. These classes can be recordings of instructions that you can then watch at your own leisure so you can learn at your own pace and spend less money on your lessons. Lessons include rhythm, harmony and theory training, reading music and of course playing the piano. Depending on your instructor, the price may cost anywhere from $10 dollars to $30 or $40 per lesson, or even more. Therefore, reading sheet music becomes an integral part of learning to play the piano for beginners. Even seasoned piano players consistently improve and learn new techniques, so do not expect to learn everything right away.
If you're more interested in learning to play and sing your favorite pop songs, that's okay too. For many people the biggest thing holding them back from piano lessons can be the regular cost, but you can find affordable piano lessons in anaheim if you look in all the right places.
Sometimes you may have to drive a little bit further out of your area to find the best prices for a teacher but if you are willing to make the effort you can do it. Another option can be to seek out lessons via Skype so you can work with the instructor in your home while chatting and seeing video over the computer. Piano recitals are held twice a year and Certificate of Merit program enrollment and training is available. These things take time and the learning will never end as you constantly strive to improve your sound, skill and ability. Continue moving one white key over to get F, G, A, B, and you will find yourself back at C again.

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