Not yet thirty, acclaimed pianist Marouan Benabdallah is indisputably the leading representative of his native Morocco on the international concert stage. In Chennai, Marouan Benabdallah will undertake 2 days of master class and deliver a concert. As a French language training institution and a cultural centre, the Alliance Francaise of Madras is proud to promote cultural relations between India and France in Tamil Nadu.
After completion the course you will be able to perform live in a band or start making your own music with more confidence. Do you have a child who is interested learning the Guitar?A  Consider enrolling in our group Guitar classes!
A drum kit is a percussion instrument which usually refers to a collection of drums, cymbals and other percussion instruments arranged for convenient playing by a sole percussionist (drummer), usually for jazz, rock, or other types of contemporary music. Adults increasingly (re)turn to music-making as a recreational activity.A  And there are numerous reasons why they should!
Casio, Yamaha Keyboards, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitars, Drum Set, Veenai, Tabla Set, Music Learning Books, Music Instruments Accessories, Guitar Tuner, Strings, Music Stand, Keyboard covers, Drum Sticks, Guitar Tuner Battery, Flutes, Harmonium, Mouth Organs, Shruti Box, Drums & Percussions. We have more than a decade of experience in providing excellent music coaching for Children, Youngsters and Adults. We provide top notch coaching for playing the Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Keyboard & Piano.

We also train and prepare our students to pass grade exams and get certified by the Trinity College of London. Providing standard teaching materials through which students can learn playing musical instruments and help them gain sufficient knowledge in "Musical Theory" and reading "Musical Notations" with great ease.
We conduct musical events for students to participate and show their talents and also encourage them to perform in school and college.
Present in Madras for more than 60 years, the Alliance aims to embody a spirit of friendship without constraints, an international movement to the service of promoting French language and culture as well as an intercultural dialogue.
Start a musical instrument as a hobby, or are gearing up for a career in music, our professionally trained faculty stand ready to meet their individual needs.
VM Music special path to music literacy provides children with a seamless transition from general group music classes to group keyboard classes, which ideally prepares them for a successful, enjoyable music lesson experience. Children will have the option to learn the basics of how to play the Guitar in our specially designed acoustic treated classa€™s rooms. Whatever comes with patience, practice and constant efforts is always great and also everlasting. The exact collection of components to a drum kit varies greatly according to the musical style and personal preference.
Whatever comes with patience, practice and constant efforts is always great and everlasting.

You are getting into music to have a great time, without meeting performance goals or expecting any particular outcomes.A  Rest assured, you can do this at any time in your life, and you can do it well!
Vocal Recording Studio, DJ & Karaoke Events, Music Instruments in Chennai, Music Instruments in Adyar, Musical Instruments Store Chennai, Guitar Shop in Chennai Adyar.
We are located in Chennai and our motto is to teach musical instruments in a practical and easy way to anyone who loves music at an affordable cost. This makes their learning process faster and easier so they don't feel any burden and learning music becomes fun. Browse this site to discover the range of courses, dates and results of examinations and cultural programs of our institution.
The guitar is without doubt the instrument at the heart of most of the popular music of the 20th and 21st century. We offer training in Guitar, Keyboard & Piano with commercial and western classical music as its key focus area. Whether you just want to strum the chords of 'Hotel California' on your acoustic guitar or you may want to play jazz like Wes Montgomery on your electric guitar, VM School of Music will provide you with all the insight into playing guitars and playing them well.

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