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In this lesson we'll look at a short funk pattern with some stabbing right-hand chords, and a classic walking-bass riff. Notice however, that the second group of notes are both staccato, whereas the first and third groups have a longer first chord. The left hand functions as the solid on-the-beat pattern, allowing your right hand to play off it, it needs to have a solid steady beat.
The second bar is a kind of walk up the piano in octaves - it's a really fun and classic piano technique which you'll find in walking bass jazz and elsewhere.

Now here's the pattern and on the play button is just a drum track to give you a chance to play along yourself. In the first bar the notes played on C7 or C Min7 are the fundamental, the seventh minor (pay attention to the error of the picture: I forgot to indicate Bb for the fourth note and the fifth. In the second example of the second bar, the notes are on a Dm7 chord and have these features: there are the fourth (G) and a triplet on the last quarter.
As you play these patterns with left hand, try to give them swing or groove stressing the upbeats as indicated.
Remember that funky-bass and also the blues generally move by the fundamental, fifth and seventh of a chord.

Many famous artist has recorded funk tracks: just think about Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. Once you have understood the schemes of these styles, funky included, I suggest you to write them on a notebook to build a collection of your favorite bass riffs.
In any case, you have to practice above all to obtain the ability to create, playing in real time.

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