We also provide estimates for repair, as well as appraisals factoring in criteria such as the age of your piano, service records, make, model, condition, restoration work, and more. Little Valley Piano Service also maintain a selection of fine restored and used pianos for sale. After trying a number of tuners, I can say I have never been happier with a piano tuning than with yours.  Thank you.
Greg regularly tunes and recommends small and larger repairs to maximize the life of our baby grand. Acting in the capacity of appraiser, we accurately and expertly appraise vintage and antique pianos.
Beginning in 1975 working with the Insurance industry providing up to-date replacement costs on most makes and models both here and abroad. This online appraisal is an expert's opinion of the items depicted in the supplied information and based solely on images and information that the customer supplies. Please Note: Our service strives to include the best international authorities in the acoustic piano fields. Current fair market value is the amount someone might receive when selling their item to a dealer or at auction.
Replacement cost is the retail amount one might reasonably pay to purchase the item from a dealer, gallery, store, etc. At PianoAppraisal LLC maintaining good customer relations is important so as to be perceived as a professional company by our customers. The first 2 things we need to know is the Name Brand of the Piano and the approximate age of the piano.  The name brand is usually found on the Fall Board (the cabinetry that covers the keys when closed, reveals them when opened. Once you have the name of the piano, find the serial number .   They are usually found on the same metal plate.

With the name and serial number, you are ready to look up the age.  The serial numbers on this PDF file are in 5 year increments. It is highly unlikely that you will find the exact number in the list that you find on the piano. Find the name of the piano on the list, and determine where your number falls between the years. Now that we have the name, serial number and age of the piano, we need to know what type of upright it is. It never ceases to amaze me how much nicer (in tune!) our piano sounds once you’ve done your thing.
Thanks for the TLC on the piano tuning and the correct action adjustments that you got in there on C’s short notice.
He is professional, punctual, pleasant and most importantly—is a VERY GOOD piano tuner and technician.
In strict compliance with the principles of appraisal practice and code of ethics of the Association of Online Appraisers.
Over the past 35 years we have done studies on most USA, Canadian, European and Asian piano manufacturing companies.
Additional information, not shown on the certificate, will be taken into account if supplied in the comments area.
While the appraiser may be an expert in rendering the valuation, the information supplied is what we must base our piano appraisal on. It is also the amount most government tax agencies (IRS, Revenue USA, Canada, etc.) recognize as the tax deductible amount if the item was donated to a charitable organization.
We strive to get all options to you in a timely fashion, from time to time we have a number of appraisals that might be ahead of you or some unforeseen problems that might arise and make it difficult to complete your appraisal "within" the time we recommended.

Fisher got back to me quickly with an appraisal for my Steinway Model M that I was ready to donate. Within a few days I had my appraisal and I was able to place an ad to get a fair price for my piano. This is an indication that the piano was refinished at one time and the decal was not replaced.
You are looking for an arbitrary 5 or 6 digit number stamped or inked on or near the plate, or sometimes on the very top of the piano as seen below.
This will tell you approximately (within 5 years) when the piano was built.  CLICK HERE  to download the PDF File. We do not offer a money back option for those who are not satisfied with the appraised value or for those who fall outside the allocated time frame. Professionals will rarely leave the Fall Board bare – but sometimes they do as shown below. This would be embossed in the plate near the name especially on newer pianos, and very helpful in finding the value.
These are the shorter pianos, and knowing whether your piano is a Spinet or a Console is important to determine its value.  Click here to understand the difference between a Spinet and a Console.

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