Si aprendiste mecanografia, pero la falta de practica ha hecho que te olvides, y quieres repasar o simplemente deseas aprender a escribir correctamente con el teclado, para ganar en velocidad y aumentar tu productividad, puede interesarte conocerĀ Online Typing Tutor. Este sitio ofrece un completo curso online e interactivo de mecanografia, de forma totalmente gratuita, que se inicia desde los niveles mas basicos, donde simplemente se trata de realizar los primeros ejercicios para acostumbrarnos a colocar correctamente las manos. Conforme se avanza, los ejercicios se van volviendo cada mas complejos y va cobrando una mayor importancia la correcta escritura de los textos propuestos en el menor tiempo posible.
Advanced course, helps to improve your typing speed by memorizing frequently used syllables and words.
To help you learn how to place your fingers on the keyboard, Typing Tutor displays a virtual keyboard with zone highlights. To further simplify your typing lessons, Typing Tutor displays moving hands over the keyboard. You can evaluate your own performance or that of your kids or students at any time by simply looking at charts.

Powerful management and reporting tools allow instructors and administrators to manage students, monitor progress, and customize course material. All the features of TypingAce Hosted, available to install on your organization's internal servers.
Es importante crear una cuenta en el sitio, lo que nos permitira salvar los progresos que vamos realizando a lo largo del curso.
Solo es necesario cambiar la configuracion, desde el menu superior, al lenguaje espanol y a nuestra disposicion de teclado. Rapid Typing Tutor offers you complete freedom of learning, allowing you to make your own lessons and plan your studies. An on-screen keyboard shows left and right hands to highlight the key and finger you should use. You will save loads of time as you create reports, emails and presentations much faster.Additionally, you can stop hunting for keys and focus solely on your text and ideas, giving yourself more freedom for creativity.

RapidTyping offers a built-in Lesson Editor that lets you: insert txt or rtf text from file(s) of any size split a long text into lessons of specific length customise the course goals and the lesson view settings The editor shows the number of words and symbols in a lesson and the ratio of letters and the TAB and ENTER - special keys. The portable version means that it does not need to be installed on your PC and it can run straight off a USB flash drive or any other type of media.
After completing this course, you will know which finger to use to hit each key without looking at the keyboard.

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