Last month I outlined some good ways that students can experiment with sounds and create music online. The Virtual Keyboard is an online keyboard that students can use to virtually play piano, organ, saxophone, flute, pan pipes, guitar, bass, and steel drums. The Virtual Keyboard could be a good way for students to experiment with creating chords and sounds on instruments that their schools might not have. The 5 websites to play piano online are Virtual Keyboard, The Virtual Piano, Multiplayer Piano, Virtual Musical Instruments, and Play Piano Online. Let your visitors play piano using a mouse, a computer keyboard or a piano keyboard right on your web site! Use advanced configuration options and specify the size of Virtual Piano and keyboard layout. Designed to help music enthusiasts to improvise and compose music, type lyrics and print scores without paying a dime, MagicScore Virtual Piano costs nothing to the end user.
Used as a family education and entertainment tool, MagicScore Virtual Piano helps amateur musicians become composers by allowing improvisations to be stored, edited and played back at a later time. MagicScore Virtual Piano turns the PC into a complete virtual piano, allowing entering notes with a mouse or typing them with PC keyboard. The product offers a range of functions designed to share compositions with others by either emailing music or publishing notes. MagicScore Virtual Piano is great for kids and adults, offering the easiest work and the simplest learning curve. MagicScore Virtual Piano offers a straightforward upgrade path to those outgrowing the free product.
Founded in 1998, MagicScore Software offers a wide range of tools for composing and playing music, editing and printing scores, and recognizing sheet music to musicians and music enthusiasts worldwide. Earlier this week through Danny Nicholson's Whiteboard Blog I learned about another resource to add to that list.

I'm pretty sure my elementary school didn't have an organ for us to play, but something like the Virtual Keyboard could have been useful for us.
These websites provide you with a virtual piano that you can play with¬†the help of your mouse and keypad.¬†Earlier, I have covered a topic wherein, you can learn to play piano online. The virtual piano on this website does take a little extra time to load, but once loaded, it provides you some very nice features. This is a very simple and straightforward website where you are provided with a piano, and you can start playing it. The virtual piano keyboard is perfect for kids and adults to help develop creativity and music abilities, enjoy music improvisations and entertain family and friends. The new tool provides an easy entrance into the world of music improvisations, offering hours of fun with piano music. The free virtual piano keyboard offers all the basics that are required to compose music, play back using a variety of timbers, type and print music, and save work into project files that can be used with the entire range of MagicScore notation products.
Fit for music enthusiasts and parents teaching the kids music, the free virtual piano keyboard can be just a perfect tool for anyone. Those demanding more powerful features, playing a different musical instrument, or needing a higher level of customization are provided with a wide range of tools for typing, editing, playing or recognizing scanned sheet music, saving music notation files or MIDI sequences.
On the beautiful looking interface, you will find a virtual piano that you can straightaway start playing. An instructions tab is available to acquaint you with the controls and you can easily play the piano through your keypad.
As the name suggests, the website has multiple users playing one piano at one point of time.
Digital piano is one of those instruments and you can simply click on its icons to start playing the piano.
MagicScore Virtual Piano helps kids and adults develop creativity and music abilities by delivering a virtual piano keyboard free of charge.

Certain MagicScore products enable typing notes and composing music in Microsoft Word directly.
An instruction tab is provided for you, that opens in a separate window, where you can learn about the controls of the piano.
In case you do not know how to play a piano, free piano lessons and video songs are also available on the same website. All of them are playing their own tunes and it sounds melodious (also irritating at times). The controls of the piano are provided by the website and you can directly start playing the piano, after hitting its icon.
The biggest disadvantage of playing piano on this website is that, you cannot play through keyboard. These websites provide you with all the possible controls and makes the whole procedure very realistic. The features of Virtual Keyboard include a Chord Mode, and different drum beats that you can play in background, while playing the piano. You can only use the mouse to play this online piano (at least that is what happened with me while testing).
Lastly, apart from a virtual piano, the website also lets you play virtual flute, guitar, and some other instruments.
Simply hit the play alone option and you will enter into an isolated room where you can play your own piano.
If you wish to play with a friend of yours, send them the link and they will join you through that link.

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