Ruth Andrieux, B.Mus has been teaching piano lessons in her student's home for many years and is now offering piano lessons online now.
If you are interested in finding out about lesson, Call me at 1-707-965-3081, 1-707-96-3082 or contact me by e-mail form below.
Make sure you have E-mailed me the signed contract, and have paid for the said month before you get on Skype to contact me for your pianolesson. A wide network of experienced instructors which enables us to skillfully match your family with a music teacher of your preference. An extensive Lending Library comprised of Classical, Seasonal, Popular, Gospel, Jazz, and other music, including compact discs and videos, which teachers may borrow for your family. Multiple Payment Options – Families can pay their tuition by using our automatic debit system, or by check or by money order.
We perform background checks on each of our Piano, Voice, Violin and Guitar Music instructors.
Piano Lessons in Your Home teachers have made long-term commitments to teaching Piano, Voice, Violin, Guitar and to our program. We offer our students the opportunity to participate in at least one optional musical recital each year. We pride ourselves on our integrity and on our ability to exceed the expectations of each family. By listening to what our families need most, we have developed a comprehensive system that has proven successful in Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Chicago, Tampa Bay, and Little Rock.
Student Testimonials "Miss Melanie is great with our daughter, who is taking piano lessons, but our younger son who is not yet old enough, loves her too! If you or a student is having certain issues when playing violin or viola, take time to read this. De twee zwarte toetsen zijn het kleine huisje: het hondenhok - het doghouse waar de Dog woont De drie zwarte toetsen zijn het grote huis - waar Grandmother woont.

Ruth graduated with her Bachelor of Music, emphesis Piano Pedagogy in 1988 from Pacific Union College in Angwin, California.
Or if you live within 45 minutes or 1 hour: she will come make arrangements to come if you have 4 piano students within approximately 20 minutes of each other. We have a wide network of instructors and take great care as we match them with families based on gender, personality, scheduling, and other preferences.
Currently, we have instructors celebrating their tenth, eleventh and twelfth year anniversaries with us!
Instead of spending time traveling to and from music lessons, as well as waiting during classes, families can save valuable time by having one of our highly trained instructors come to them.
We do not charge hidden fees such as re-registrations and recital costs, which inflate the total cost of lessons.
Because of this resource, our students have access to a variety of musical materials that teachers bring directly to their homes. If a parent, student, or teacher has an issue that needs attention, we resolve it to the satisfaction of each party immediately rather than days or weeks later. We have been serving families since 1996 and hope that your family will be the next to join our Piano Lessons In Your Home family! And it's so wonderful not to have to spend time driving to and from a music location for lessons. Click here to obtain the piano lesson contract that needs to be filled out and sent back to me by emial or mail.
In addition, we ask our families for their candid feedback throughout the year to aid in monitoring the quality of our music teachers. Also, students are able to learn on their own musical instruments in the comfort of their own homes.
Please fill out the form below, so we can scheduled pre-lesson interview: the pre-lesson interview is free with no obligation!

To print out the piano lesson contract you need to click here for the piano lesson contract. In the interview, we will make sure everything that is technical works, and we will discuss a mutual time for the weekly half hour lessons.
I am able to listen to the lesson and be part of the lesson while cooking and doing laundry at the same time.” -Tracie, Gahanna, Ohio “Our instructor is knowledgeable, dedicated and enthusiastic.
Before we can do the lessons, you must have: Skype downloaded on your computer, have a credit card or a paypal account. I will recommend your services to family and friends.” -Rose, Columbus, Ohio "Renee is a wonderful teacher.
She has been very patient and understands the very different learning styles of both my daughters. She is engaging and makes each lesson fun and adapts to their skills as well as personalities." -Teju, Evanston, IL "One of the biggest reasons I love teaching with Piano Lessons in Your Home is the skill of our Director in matching teachers with new students. When Christie contacts me with a new student, I know that student will be someone whose personality and learning style is suited to the way I teach. I also love the support we get from the office - especially the help we are offered in selecting new material for our students, and in finding music that will help our students get through difficult patches in their development. It's definitely the best teaching experience I've had!" -Margaret, Chicago Teacher "Piano Lessons in Your Home allows me to do what I love AND get paid for it!" -Stacey, Cincinnati Teacher "This has been a wonderful experience.

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