In this free country piano lesson I’m going to teach you how to play a really famous country piano lick. This lick was originally made famous by the great Floyd Cramer but many great piano players have played variations of it since then.
5. You can hear this lick being used by pianists like Page McConnell from Phish, Bruce Hornsby, Norah Jones, Vince Guaraldi, Gabe Dixon, and many others.
Since these are pentatonic based notes there really aren’t too many avoid notes so you can change the riff slightly to fit into all kinds of different situations. Not only is a cool riff but it will have an added bonus of helping you learn your major pentatonic scales. From a technique standpoint make sure you keep your hands close to the keyboard when you do the octave shifts as well.
The lessons are basic, but in the end you will be able to play simple melodies and have quite a grasp on the rudiments of music.
Parents have the options to make use of the pianos lessons free of charge and then teach their kids the basics of piano playing.
To keep piano lessons free, most sites provide only simple lessons that are easy step-by-step instructions on the basics of piano playing.
Some keyboard lessons are direct instructions on the website complemented with free video piano lessons. Free easy piano lessons first teach entry level students the correct hand positioning and fingering. If you want more advanced free internet piano lessons you will not be disappointed as there are a number of websites that do offer more progressive lessons.

Free keyboard lessons have limitations though, as piano nuances and expressions cannot be effectively taught online, even with video and audio help. You’ll hear this lick being used in thousands of songs so it will definitely be useful for you to learn.
Even though it’s technically a country lick it really can be used in other styles of music such as pop and rock.
The chord progression I play in this country piano lesson (A, G, D) is a I bVII IV (I b7, 4) chord progression. If you just take a look at the notes on each individual chord they come from the major pentatonic scale. I play this lick using straight sixteenth notes but you could easily swing them if the groove of the song you’re playing has more of a swing feel. If you love the pentatonic type sound of this lick I recommend you all check out this lesson on spicing up major piano chords using the 9th. I played this lick over 3 different chords  n this country piano lesson but remember you can always chop of the lick and just play the pattern over 1 chord. Additionally, if you’re still getting comfortable with your first inversion and root position major chords it will help with that too!
Actually applying licks you learn to real songs is a fantastic way to really master a new lick. Pretty much anything with a major chord could theoretically work but if you need some suggestions here is a very short list.
I can play pretty much from a fake book but am struggling with voicings and playing suitable licks and riffs.

This way, the parents will be able to gauge their kids’ abilities before they consider enrolling their kids in formal piano lessons. The keyboard has white and black keys that are grouped in two or three in a repeating pattern.
I recommend spending a while getting used to the notes and experimenting with the possibilities.
The major pentatonic scale is simply a major scale with the 4th and 7th scale degrees moved.
I have an ear for picking out melodies but trying to figure out correct chords to go with them. Middle C is the start-off point and is more commonly referred to as middle Do in so-fa syllable. If you want to learn more about major scale check out this lesson on major scale music theory.
When I move my hand up and down the keyboard I’m essentially grabbing these chord shapes and letting my other fingers just naturally surround the other notes of the riff.

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