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Divide your purchase into 24 equal payments and receive 24 months of interest free financing. Click on the link below to see the new features, but the big picture is that this is a larger P4 with the equivalent of version 2 software. This is a professional quality velocity sensitive MIDI controller with a tough metal case and familiar on-board controls. In order to produce an even more versatile and useful unit, we've significantly upgraded the firmware. If you would be interested in buying a new one as and when we make more, please sign up so we can keep you informed (unsubscribe anytime). Daarmee was de basis gelegd voor een continue groei van MIDI-controller- en masterkeyboard-series. Impulse also has 8 back-lit drum pads which can warp arpeggios, roll beats and launch clips in Ableton live."Player's" keyboardImpulse has a precision 'players' keyboard. It is semi-weighted with assignable aftertouch and has been designed to feel like an instrument rather than a computer peripheral. In addition to feeling good, it is incredibly accurate - this means it can translate musical expression (how you play the keyboard) extremely effectively. So your performance is reflected exactly by the synth or software instrument you are triggering.Full control surfaceThe control surface allows you to get hands on control for your DAW and plug-ins.
We have worked with all the major DAW and plug-in manufacturers to make sure that you get instant control of your mixer, transport controls and plug-in instruments and effects.Many MIDI controllers have knobs, faders and buttons, but using them is difficult and time consuming. I previously tried the Novation SL MKii, but didn't like the quality and the screen was redundant to me because of the placement (hard to see, should have put the screen under the knobs and tilted toward you).

This gives you instant mapping to the things you need to control, meaning you can make full use of faders, knobs and buttons on Impulse to get hands-on with your music software.Automap Control Software - instant mixer, transport and plug-in controlAutomap is a piece of software that comes with all Novation controllers. Automap enables you to see instantly which knobs, faders and buttons are controlling which part of your software. It also makes it easy to quickly change what the knobs are controlling.See what you are controllingAutomap has a software edit page that looks just like the Impulse control surface. You can assign your 8 most used parameters to the 8 knobs, and it will be that way every time you use that automapped plugin.
This labels what each knob, fader and button is controlling, because with so many things in your DAW and plug-ins, it is easy to lose track of what is assigned to what. You can hide this window once you are finished with it, so you can continue making music.Get instant controlImpulse's controls can be used to control your plug-in instruments and effects. You can rearrange your plugins folder however you want if it becomes too busy with all the duplicate plugins. If you want to control different things, just press the E?Learn' button, click on the software thing, and wiggle the knob that you want to control it. This way you can get hands on control of exactly what you want almost instantly.Back-lit drum pads, Ableton Clip Launch, Arpeggiator and Beat Roll:Impulse has 8 drum pads which are velocity-sensitive - with aftertouch! It's really cool and inspiring to be able to use the pads to create an arp pattern, and it stays in time.
The three colours indicate whether a clip is loaded (yellow), playing (green), or recording (red). This makes Impulse the best keyboard for Ableton Live users without exception.Arpeggiator WarpingImpulse has a built in Arpeggiator which enables you to play a turn any chord into an arpeggio. I was looking for a keyboard with semi-weighted feel that has accurate velocity sensitivity.

By switching the 8 pads in or out you can change the rhythm of the arpeggio in real time (this works brilliantly with drums!)You can also change the speed, shape, syncopation and gate time of the arpeggio.Beat RollDrum pads are great for playing drums!
With Beat Roll you can hold on to the pad and create a roll - because the pads are pressure sensitive you can change the volume of the drum as it is rolling, just by pushing down on the pad. This one seems consistent when hitting lightly, you get a low velocity, when hitting hard, you get a high velocity. They feel more like synth action than semi-weighted, compared to other keyboards like the Keystation from M-Audio. Overall, I would recommend this keyboard controller to anyone who wants hands-on, with a few extra percs. I gig and record continuously and rely on soft synths running on my MacBook Pro for my sound. My main controller has been a Korg Karma, which I've used for years, but recently I wanted something with more convenient knobs, plus drum pads.
More often than not, if I want to work the cutoff or other parameter, I want to use my right hand, so the layout on the Impulse works well.
Actually, I think I rather prefer them to others I have used.The drum pads have an excellent feel.
It seems like competitively priced controllers usually come with terrible drum pads, but these are the real deal.

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