This is second cheapest from Microsoft according to MSRP (manufacture's suggested retail price). This ErgoMotion keyboard with its patented pivot-motion design that automatically adjusts to your natural hand and wrist position is the world's first intelligent keyboard that prevents Repetitive Stress Injury.
Supposedly, this keyboard moves slowly, by a built-in motor, so that your hand muscle use is not always the same from the same position, thus preventing you from getting a Repetitive Strain Injury.
For keyboards that i deem useful for programers or heavy typers, see: How to Chose Ergonomic Keyboards. What's their functions, the style of the keys, their height, tactile sensations, the differences between them, their ergonomic implications, the implications for Emacs use ….
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Intuitive Zoom Feature The intuitive zoom feature on the Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard 3000 makes close-up work a snap -- simply push the Zoom button to zoom in and out when navigating large documents or images. Enhanced F-Key Functionality Open documents, reply to e-mail, toggle between standard and enhanced F-key commands, and more. Media Keys With the multimedia hot keys, control the volume, play back or pause music or videos at the touch of a button. My Favorites Keys Access the folders, files, and Web pages you use most with one-touch “My Favorites” Keys. Spill-Resistant The keyboard from Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard 3000 withstands accidental spills with the integrated water channels draining the liquid away. Through the Newegg EggXpert Review Program, Newegg invites its best reviewers, known as EggXperts, to post opinions about new and pre-release products to help their fellow customers make informed buying decisions.Click here for more details. Ahora con tus compras en PcComponentes podras ir acumulando puntos y canjearlos por descuentos. The Microsoft Wireless Desktop 3000 is a bundle of the Wireless Keyboard 3000 V2.0 and the Wireless Mouse 5000. The intro photo above shows the contents of the box less the CD, which I somehow managed to lose within minutes.

That said, its a huge mouse anyway, and it doesn’t feel much different with one or two batteries.
I couldn’t find the combo package so bought them separately and so now have 2 tranceivers. The warranty was still in place, and MS sent new replacement units, but I really hate the fact I have to throw the entire desktop away. There is (I believe) a battery gauge on the control panel for Windows, maybe also for Mac, but in the end just forget about it, and swap when it dies.
Try contacting Microsoft, but the set is sold pre-paired, and there is no way to partner a device with a new receiver. My Logitech kb and mouse lose reception from their transceivers after about 6 feet, so I would consider the Microsoft keyboard and mouse for my own use if it could power-up my computer with a simple double-click.
As far as power-on from USB keyboard, that is a specific BIOS feature that would depend on the computer hardware. If you can, plug it into any other computer that can use a USB keyboard and try it without any drivers. But actually, there are 3 generations of this keyboard+mouse set, all physically different but sharing the same name, with “v1”, “v2”, “v3” on Amazon. It seems that this keyboard is also called “cat keyboard hero”, because the images on Microsoft site is named that.
The patented DPC - Dynamic Positioning Controller automatically moves based on your use pattern capitalizing on productivity while diminishing operator hand and wrist fatigue and discomfort.
But, from its clean geometric look, like Apple's keyboard, i can tell you right away it's PAIN. With great prices, fast shipping, and top-rated customer service - once you know, you Newegg. The actual Open Box product may differ in packaging and included accessories, but has been tested to ensure basic functionality.
Con su forma compacta que le da un aspecto elegante y ahorra espacio, este teclado incorpora la funcionalidad suficiente para satisfacer los deseos de los usuarios de PCs más exigentes. This is pretty importat especially while playing games and you can’t hold three keys pressed at once.
The mouse works fine but a coupe of keys do not respond (so far the space bar and tab key).

The function keys F1 to F12 now became special buttons, losing the tactile quality of keys. This sleek, thin keyboard, Windows Vista, the quick access to Flip 3D feature can be optimized all at a reasonable price.
Windows Start Button Press to launch your Start menu and search your PC or the Web if you have Windows Vista installed.
If like me you misplace that CD, the drivers are downloadable from Microsoft’s website. With other wireless keyboard setups I usually get over a year of service out of a set of batteries.
He loves the reach of the Wireless Desktop 3000 and mouse because he can sit on his sofa and control his computer.
Left clicking twice allows it to power-on the computer but won’t do it using the PS2 to USB adapter that came with it. My friend loves it because he can turn his computer off from the sofa but he has to walk over to the computer to turn it on.
Enhanced F-Key Functionality Open documents, reply to e-mail, toggle between standard and enhanced F-key commands, and more—with the touch of a button. Some fancier keyboard make these into one continuous row, and as flattened non-tactile buttons. Spill-Resistant Keys Enjoy a drink while you work—this keyboard is designed to withstand an accidental spill.
I’m use to using an optical so the bluetrack is like comparing a ball mouse to an optical. They replace keys that exist in whatever GUI I’m using, and that GUI already provides keyboard shortcuts anyway.
The keyboard does not have any indicator LEDs for the state of the various lock keys (ie, NumLock, Caps, Scrl…) which makes sense for a battery powered keyboard. If you must have some feedback on the state of your locks, you’ll need to use some software to show it on your desktop.

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