Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts are an efficient way to execute various commands without ever needing to use a mouse or touchpad. OS X makes it very easy to add new keyboard shortcuts for any action available in the menu bar. These first twelve keyboard shortcuts listed below are the basic ones and are easy to remember because the key combo is usually Command + the first letter of the function you need to execute. The next keyboard combos listed are Mac OS key combo shortcuts that you may need when first booting into your Mac and some you can use while running the OS.  These key combos can be used for diagnosing start up or other computer hardware problems.

The next shortcuts are a few that are not always commonly known but can come in handy for some Mac users.
If your work on your computer entails writing a lot of documents and it involves word processing on your Mac, memorizing these shortcuts will save you time.  In addition to the shortcuts listed above, you can also learn the commands listed below for modifying the text. Try these useful Mac keyboard shortcuts they can make your time on your computer more efficient.
Also many key combos can be used to troubleshoot your Mac or boot into your computer in various different ways.

The next time you open that application that shortcut will be visible next to the item so it’ll be easier to remember.

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