For many adults, learning to play the piano is a great way to help alleviate stress, stimulate the mind, improve coordination, and promote an overall sense of well-being.
Studies also suggest that children as young as four years old can enjoy a lifetime of benefits from early exposure to piano, singing, guitar and other types of music lessons. Music notation also challenges a piano student to determine how long notes must be played for, how many beats there are in a measure, and which note gets one beat during that measure. Can you blame me? Like many youngsters learning to play the piano for the first time, I was a bit overwhelmed by the double-staffed notation sheets for piano music. The only difference was that now Ia€™d have to worry about playing on two extra strings, and occasionally wea€™d have to play chords.

The same way your muscles can benefit from resistance or cardiovascular exercises, practicing the piano for just 20 minutes a day can help keep you mentally fit.
But it was all good. The important thing was, I was finally beginning to make sense of all the black and white a€?blurbsa€? on the staff sheets. Pretty soon, reading music notation became just as easy to figure out as my math homework. Looking back, Ia€™m very grateful for having been exposed to a music education at an early age.
The increased physical activity lends itself to helping children maintain an average and healthy body mass index (BMI), which can also have a dramatic influence on their early social developmental skills. A music education clearly offers children, adults and people of all ages a variety of benefits regardless of nationality, language, religion or social class. The piano is the worlda€™s best-known, widely used, and most loved musical instrument of all. Regardless of whether a music student is learning to play the piano, guitar, violin, bass or even vocals, a piano is usually somewhere within reach during most music curriculums.

Because an acoustic 88-key piano contains the broadest range of musical tones out of any musical instrument in the world!

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