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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. I have so many books and links, my friend, that I am not posting most since they are on my laptop and I would have to upload >1 GB of books. So you register the languages you are learning and where you live and the site will search for teachers in your area. Hi, you may have answered this before but to you what would be a good way of starting to learn Russian without a teacher? As an aspiring polyglot, it’s important that I have a bunch of resources at my disposal for language learning. This website is more for finding information about languages and finding languages to learn. This is both a website AND an app, however, I tend to use the website more frequently, mainly because I’m always on my laptop anyway. Although this sector of BBC has been archived and is no longer updated, it still contains some valuable information. Claiming to be the internet’s largest collection of free public domain language learning materials, this website is a MUST for language learners.
This website is really helpful for explaining grammatical concepts and for learning general stuff about languages, such as verbs, vocabulary, nouns, adjectives, basic phrases, foods, etc.
This website is great for learning languages through a sentence based, contextual experience.
This is a great website for ancient language learners, and it provides resources for Egyptian, Mayan, Hittite, Latin, Old English, Etruscan, Gaulish, and several others. This is a good resource for learners looking for audio files to help them practice their listening.
This website offers a few books to read in different languages and is good for comparing different languages of the same book.
There are quite a few languages courses on this website, although several of them cost money.
As mentioned above in the websites section, this app is so amazing for on-the-go language learning, as well as for subjects other than languages!
Also mentioned in the websites section, this app is great for both learning new words and reviewing words that you have either memorized or have just been exposed to. This is really great for finding stations in your target language, and it helps with practicing both comprehension of spoken language as well as introduces you to awesome music in your target language!
This app presents words in the form of lists, and gives you vocab so that you can review it.

This app is a bit like Duolingo, and it offers German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, English, Italian, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Japanese, and Chinese!
I haven’t used this app much, but I have heard that the lessons on this app are very good, and you can download the lessons so that you can view them offline.
This has been an awesome resource for me since it’s a bit like Duolingo, only with more unique language options.
This company makes several different language apps, and currently I’m using the Mandarin, Japanese, and French ones. This is an awesome app for watching videos in your target language, and is really good for learning new words. This series offers an astounding number of languages, and I have found them to be pretty effective in helping me learn languages. I really like the way Barron’s does language books, so far I have used their Japanese grammar book and their Russian verbs book, and I really like the layout of them, especially the grammar book! These are so helpful for me, I’ve been using the Mandarin and Japanese dictionaries for a long time, and they are so comprehensive and awesome! I LOVE these books so much, I’ve used the Russian, Mandarin, and French ones and I’ve found them very helpful! That’s all that I have right now, but if you all would like more resources than I will definitely make a second one!
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Petralingua - language learning kids: english, spanish, English, spanish, french, chinese, german and russian for kids. Russian step step books natasha alexandrova - russian, Welcome to the russian step by step learning system! Petralingua┬« online russian language kids series everyday lessons teach children basic russian vocabulary. It has a very comprehensive list of languages and you can find plenty of secondary resources for learning the language. The learning system that this website uses makes out very easy to stay motivated, and the lessons are organized amazingly. It contains the FSI courses, Peace Corps language learning materials, and the DLI (military) language courses. It is not a translator, it merely provides reading material in foreign languages to learners. It’s a bit like Duolingo in that sense, and it requires you to fill in missing words from sentences. I have found the majority of resources that I have looked through helpful to my learning efforts.

You can post things in your target language, and native speakers of that language will correct it, and you can do the same for other people! However, there are quite a few courses that are free, and are good for introducing you to your language of choice. There are grammar lessons available, translation activities, groups that you can join, and Duolingo makes it fun to learn a language with it’s reward system.
Not the best presentation of words and it doesn’t really offer a memorization technique like Memrise, but it’s still helpful! I’m currently using it to learn Hindi, however, there are tons of other language options. These are more for the linguistic lovers, since they catalog almost every living language in the world in every country, and provide language maps and statistics. I can post, if you want, other specific Russian books if I have them, like stories and such, at a later date. It looks like you are an experienced learner, and can organize your learning process without any help.
Currently, the website offers about 27 different language courses for English speakers, and various language courses for speakers of languages other than English. It is a very useful website, especially for analyzing how sentences are formed in other languages.
In my opinion, it’s better for people with a background in their target language, and they offer many different options for languages. They have dictionaries, grammars, charts, and texts, and it is a very comprehensive resource. It’s very helpful, and is a great resource if you have to write in your target language often.
You can set goals for yourself, take multiple courses, be involved in discussions, and even do translating activities. There is a very large selection of languages to choose from, so this resource is very good for getting an excellent introduction to your target language.
Warning- If you’re a native English speaker looking for a native Chinese speaker, you will get HUNDREDS of requests. There are SO many different languages to choose from, and there are many ebooks and audio files to take advantage of here.

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