Recently I was asked an interesting question about the teaching method used in the Musiah piano lessons. Do you have any particular techniques for rapidly learning and memorizing a piece of piano music?
Quite often a typical approach taken by many piano teachers in a lesson when introducing students to a new piece is to take a student all the way through the right hand of the piece from the beginning to the end, then all the way through the left hand, and then the teacher will say to the student (rather unhelpfully), “try both hands together at home for next week”. This is inefficient and ineffective as the student (at the end of the lesson) has no idea what it will be like to attempt to put the two hands together on their own at home, and has not been given any direction by the piano teacher in terms of how to go about putting the two hands together efficiently and systematically at home. In fact, one of the most common laments of an average piano teacher is that they wish their students would practice more — yet it rarely occurs to them to teach their students a system of how to practice and learn new pieces.
Then, when you can comfortably play the left hand, do the right hand about 5 times until you can comfortably play it. This way, even if the student only gets to learn 1 or 2 segments (with both hands) in the lesson, at least they have gained the confidence that comes from experiencing for themselves what it is like to play a portion of the piece with both hands while at their lesson. So whether you (dear reader) are a beginner in search of well-rounded holistic piano lessons or a more advanced student keen to learn some original, perhaps even slightly unorthodox techniques, Musiah's piano lessons can offer you tuition of quality and substance at unbeatable value.
So I urge you take this opportunity to experience Musiah’s piano lessons for yourself today. Note to Spammers: All comments on this blog are subject to approval before they are published. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Korg SP-250 The Korg SP-250 is moreexpensive than the Casio LK-270and the Yamaha EZ-200, but it isbetter suited for pianists who are serious about improving their playing. Yamaha YPT-310 The Yamaha YPT-310 is a great keyboard withvelocity-sensitive keys and 482 different instrument voices and 162 different accompaniments.
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Are you wondering how in the world you will find time to practice amid all your other responsibilities?
Have you looked up how-to videos on YouTube, searched for piano tutorials online, or purchased piano learning software? From proper posture to correct fingering, taking piano lessons will give you the one-on-one instruction you need to reach your goals faster and better.
Cut the TV – You might be surprised how distracting the TV is, even if it’s only on as background noise. Delegation – Is there anything you can have done for you to free up extra time to practice?
Try shorter practice sessions – Rather than try to fit in one long practice session, try breaking it into short segments. Plan with your teacher – A private piano teacher can be a great source of accountability and support, but they should also be flexible enough to accommodate your schedule.
Your Self-Guide To Learn Piano The Easy Way: A Beginners Guide To Playing The Piano That Will Teach You How To Learn To Play Piano, Tips On Learning Piano By Yourself, Musical Terminology, Piano Chords For Beginners And More!

Introducing the exclusive tokidoki back-to-school collection, featuring innovative bags, stationery, and coloring products. I loved the pull-out Keyboard Tent (included) that provides a fun visual reference to associate notes on the page to keys on the piano.
There are many elements in the Musiah piano teaching method that combine to form a holistic approach to teaching students the motor, intellectual, problem-solving, and artistic skills involved in learning to play the piano efficiently, and in particular teaching them to systematically learn and memorize pieces quickly.
Then do it a few more times, very gradually increasing the tempo each time — just in that segment. And they have been shown an easy effective system they can use to continue learning each subsequent segment at home. These are techniques that anyone can use — both piano teachers and students — to increase student progress and greatly enhance a student’s ability to rapidly learn and memorize a piece of music both during a piano lesson and when practicing at home.
Its fun, i don't know of any other online music teacher that can give me this amount of support . Five months in the making, this significant update features (among many other things) a new scrolling Single Stave View mode which makes the notes much larger and therefor easier to read than the default Full Page View (FPV) especially on small screens.
If you are on a budget,playing a keyboard is a good wayto learn piano as it is significantlycheaper and more practical. It comes with 61 keys that are velocity sensitive so that beginners can get a feel for how dynamics work. With a little patience and commitment, you can easily learn to play, and you’ll find that desire and discipline can go a long way. Many pianists prefer to use a traditional piano for the sound quality, while others prefer to use a keyboard. Before you even begin with basic lessons, look for the songs and music styles that inspire you. These resources may give you something to work on, but you run the risk of establishing bad habits – plus, you might end up pacing yourself incorrectly as you move through learning the different fingerings and techniques involved.
Hiring a cleaning service once a week, for example, will cut out some of the time spent on housework and could be very affordable.
A few 10- or 20-minute sessions might be more realistic throughout your day, as opposed to an hour of concentrated work.
While practicing is seldom fun, try reminding yourself of why you started in the first place. If you know a particularly busy time (like the holidays, for example) is coming up, then talk to your teacher about reducing the workload during that time so can adequately practice your assignments.
Just like almost anything worth doing, learning piano will take time – but it’s certainly worth it!
Enjoy live interaction and real-time performance with friendly teachers in a fun group setting. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.
And the full-color book is filled with words of encouragement and praise from  familiar Debbie and Friends cartoon characters.

It also comes with built-in speakers and an adjustable volume control so that you can adjust the volume accordingly.
Learning on a keyboard with weighted keys makes the transition from a keyboard to a piano much smoother because all pianos have weighted keys. You might find, for example, that using a keyboard with headphones is more conducive to your environment.
Some adults don’t even want to get started because of their busy lifestyle; others start up and practice for a short time before letting it go again.
When you are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, your teacher will be there to listen and give you helpful instruction.
Having your children help out more around the house, finding a designated driver to take your children to activities, picking up a pre-made meal once or twice a week – there are many ways to get help with accomplishing necessary (but time-consuming) tasks. Consider it a scheduled leisure activity, and you’ll start to really enjoy practicing! You can plug in headphones into the headphonejack and listen to your playing through your headphones if you dont want to disturb anyone.
There are 367 voices so you can play around with different tones and find one that you like. TheYamaha YPT-310 also has an easy two-track recording option that allows you to record yourcompositions or track your progress. Headphones can be very helpful in blocking out distractions and increasing focus, and it won’t disrupt your family or the neighbors. This will give your teacher a good understanding of how to best help you get where you want to be. Plus, with someone holding you accountable, you’ll be much more likely to stick with your practice schedule! The Casio has 32-note polyphony, meaning that youcan strike 32 different notes on thekeyboard at the same time, and allthe notes will sound. Your teacher will be able to incorporate your favorite music in your lessons as quickly as possible and help you learn the styles and songs you love. The Casio lights up the key that is being played so that you know exactly how to play each song. There also is a headphone jack and a volumecontrol so that you can play in any type of setting. Having a goal will also keep you on track when you feel tired of practicing or discouraged at the clumsiness of your beginner fingers! This is a great way for visual learners to get the hang of the piano and a great way to memorize songs.

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