Check out more musical facts via the Facebook page (photo section) of the Australia Council for the Arts.
This entry was posted in A luscious childhood, A luscious life, A rainy day, Culture vulture, Social butterfly and tagged childhood development, luscious childhood, luscious quotes, music, musicians. Live lusciouslyLUSCIOUS is about being a style leader, social butterfly and domestic goddess. During these lessons, we offer weekly group piano lessons for Beginner, Intermediate and Advance Students from age 6 and above. 50% Off on Handyman services for your Home, Boat or Office - 4, 8 or 10 hours of services to choose from! July - Spend your day at the Plevna Beach Club in Sliema - Entrance, Sunbed, Umbrella & Lunch!

Our daily deals consist of restaurants, massages, spas, hotels and lots of other cool stuff. The lesson plan includes music theory lessons, sight reading, ear training and piano practice.
Each part of the lessons aims for the student to improve the level of music ability and understanding.
Even for people who no longer play the instrument they learned as a child, the ongoing benefits to this early training have been found to be better than originally thought. Having a maximum of 3 students in a group lesson helps to create the perfect environment to build confidence and reduce anxiety. Students who wish to sit for both theory and practical exams, will be prepared during the lessons.

Though I was not a fan of the process at the time, I do see the benefits that those early years had on understanding song structure, the essentials to reading music, and the necessity of practice to achieve growth. It turns out there was more to it that were pluses for my childhood development.A new study by University Of Vermont College Of Medicine finds that children and students who train on an instrument are end up having stronger memory skills, organization, and emotional control. Childhood issues associated with anxiety and attention deficits were not as high or as wide-spread for children who spent time learning music.
The results of these findings should provide greater leverage for individuals and groups to encourage more music education for elementary-age children.

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