This is a memory game where a little bit of the song will be played at a time, and you repeat it. Notes show on both a 3-D piano and a music staff to allow you to learn difficult songs quickly! If you've been thinking about starting playing piano or keyboard and need some easy songs to get started on, watch this video to learn how to play six classic easy piano songs: 1. It combines a classic learning technique with the power of a computer, creating a fun and interactive game.

Ron Rhodes painstakingly deconstructs the major errors of The Da Vinci Code in a question and answer format.
You will need all the courage you have, and some pretty fast fingers to keep them away from your home. Treble Clef and Bass Clef A real computer game (Lives, Points, Bombs, etc.) that will teach you how to read music even as you play. Learn quickly with built-in positive and negative feedback sounds when you get questions right or wrong.

Includes options to load from Windows tray, change fonts and colors, export to bitmap and insert clip art and images.

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