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Amazing Notifications Create Subscription Screen Snapshot imagery above has 350 x 468 jpeg 94kB dimension and part of excellent Mulberry Outletz collection website. Whether you're a complete beginner or have played in the past, Piano Coach will expertly guide you through the important early piano skills and show you how to play and perform attractive solos with confidence. Learn at your own pace with friendly in-depth instruction and a host of easy to use learning features. The interactive features and expert teaching not only make learning fun but ensure quick results. A complete primer suitable for beginners, covering music reading, technique and early performance pieces.
A modern way to practise the classic scales and exercises that for centuries have proven effective in building virtuoso skills. I have spent a lot of money in so many online courses and private piano classes and I did get some knowledge but I still wasn't satisfied, until I decided to try Musiah.
I have just started using Musiah myself I am on lesson 5 and my kids are progressing amazingly fast. All around the world, parents just like Oscar, as well as kids who are learning with Musiah, and adults who are learning piano with Musiah are absolutely ecstatic, and going into raptures about how incredible Musiah is.
It’s a software application that runs on your computer, and Musiah responds to your playing just like a conventional piano teacher.
And another big thing that motivates students to learn and progress is Musiah makes learning piano like playing a computer game.
Rather you'll be catapulted into an imaginative world where learning is easy and challenges are fun. There are a number of inefficiencies in the traditional piano method, and in practices common among traditional piano teachers that actually slow down your learning.
You have probably heard phrases like Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit or Great Big Dogs Frighten Auntie that are used by piano teachers everywhere. They slow it down — dramatically —especially for young kids who are still getting used to the alphabet. A young kid doesn’t instantly make the connection that “Fruit” is an “F” in the same way an adult would.
Instead, through Musiah, I encourage students of all ages to say “EGBDF” as if it were a tongue twister. By contrast, a traditional teacher can only be with their students once a week — during lessons. The rest of the time (in a traditional piano lesson scenario) students are left to their own devices without any support from one week’s lesson to the next, often without knowing if they are practicing their songs correctly.
This results in a lot of wasted time as students tend to form bad habits that need to be corrected in subsequent lessons when they could otherwise be progressing on to new pieces. With Musiah’s online piano lessons, it’s like having your own personal piano teacher on hand at every moment of your practice, so you’re always supported, and you know you are learning your songs correctly. This boosts your productivity and progress by up to 1600% and you’ll have FUN while you’re learning. Unlike other piano courses or unlike other teaching courses where they claim to teach this and they claim to teach that, we went ahead and actually proved how fast students can learn with Musiah. Before Musiah was released to the public, we grabbed a bunch of students who had never learned piano before, and we asked them to try a very rough “Alpha” version of Musiah for 10 weeks. As luck would have it, among the students we chose, there was not one but two pairs of twins. The first pair of twins was 9 years old, and what we did was for 10 weeks, we had the first twin learn with a traditional piano teacher while the second twin learned with Musiah.
And at the end of the 10 weeks, the twin who had the traditional piano lessons had learned 4 songs while the twin who had lessons with Musiah learned 19 songs. So… if a student taking piano lessons online with Musiah can learn faster than a student taking traditional piano lessons… would it be optimal for students to learn piano with both Musiah AND a traditional teacher? They were 12 years old, and for 10 weeks what we did was we had one twin learn with both Musiah AND a traditional piano teacher while the second twin just learned with Musiah. At the end of the 10 weeks, the twin who had both types of tuition had learned 19 songs, but the twin who was only learning with Musiah had learned 26 songs. So what we learned from this is that the presence or absence of a traditional piano teacher is not the main factor in determining the success of a student. If a student has access to Musiah, whether or not they are also learning from a traditional piano teacher, they will progress faster than an average student learning with a traditional teacher alone. In fact, beginners who took part in the 10 week case study learned on average 5-8 times faster than students learning the same material through traditional lessons, which is a fantastic result.

But even more impressive is the results Musiah students have been achieving since the case study.
In August 2013, Michael became the first person to complete the Musiah syllabus online and he did so in just 18 weeks. In other words, Michael completed the entire course an incredible 16 times faster than an average student taking traditional piano lessons. So what was different about Michael’s approach that enabled him (and students like him) to progress even faster than the students in the case study?
Well, just like traditional piano students when they first start out, the beginners in the 10 week case study practiced for 15-30 mins a day, 3-5 days a week.
Now Michael also started out practicing 15-30 mins a day, but then he increased his practice levels to 60 mins or more as the pieces became more advanced and sometimes even practiced for 2 hours.
So what Michael did instinctively was he allowed his practice levels to rise as the pieces became harder so he would be practicing an appropriate amount for the level of advancement of the songs he was learning. If you think about it, that makes perfect sense because… a traditional student who has been learning for 5-6 years, and is on say Level 12 (of 13 Levels), will usually be practicing 60-90 mins a day, 5-6 days a week. From Michael and other students like him, what we have learned is that a Musiah student can reasonably expect to become ‘advanced’ extremely quickly if they adopt the practice habits that would normally be associated with an ‘advanced’ student, and this is what will really turbo charge your learning.
So, with Musiah, if you practice for say 15-30 mins a day, 3-5 days a week, you will progress 5-8 times faster than a typical traditional piano student. So, in a few short weeks, YOU too can play piano like someone who has been taking traditional piano lessons for 6 years. Musiah is suitable for students from age 7 to 97, so whether you’re a kid or an adult, you can enjoy the benefits of these fantastic online piano lessons in your own home when it suits you. One of the great things about Musiahis that it uses fun and easy-to-play games to make learning piano easy and fun. This is important for both adults and kids, because having fun is how we learn things fast.
But perhaps one of the most strikingly original and FUN features of Musiah is that the piano lessons take place within the context of an interactive story set in the future in which the student is one of the last surviving humans in the galaxy. By presenting the lessons in a game-like environment, this not only benefits kids — it benefits adults too because using games and having fun is the best way to learn for both adults and kids. I believe that the entertaining child-like story lines and characters also play a very significant role in engaging adults in learning piano. Firstly on the surface level, it is highly engaging as students of all ages like ‘achievement and recognition’ (we like seeing things get done, ticking things off, earning reward points etc.). This is achieved through the story line and the process of collecting stars to unlock pieces of the clavitrisk (a special key). Secondly on a deeper level, the use of child friendly animations, establishes an underlying sensation of ‘joy’ which makes the student feel at ease, a sense of (childhood) fun and playfulness. This is astonishing, because it places the students in the most receptive state of learning. It allows the students to not feel threatened or intimidated by a scholarly musical maestro sitting across the table from them (as would have traditionally been the case).
As well as FUN, there are of course many other reasons why Musiah’s online piano lessons really are a great solution for adults.
Even though in Musiah you are an 'Earthling' trying to save the universe from an alien attack, which may come off a bit 'Kiddy', it's a great way to learn and you can work at your own pace, whenever you're available. And if, from time to time, you don’t want to hear certain feedback (for example, if you know what you did wrong), Musiah also comes with a handy “Skip” button (unlike a traditional piano teacher). Other online piano lessons have very limited interactivity with little more than a pause button but Musiah, through the miracle of Artificial Intelligence, responds to your playing and speaks to you just like a traditional private piano teacher, giving you continuous guidance in a way that is natural, supportive and encouraging. Other online piano lessons offer generic tuition, but each Musiah lesson is individually crafted in minute detail to bring you highly tailored tuition to help you master each lesson.
Other online piano lessons contain one or two videos per lesson, but Musiah contains thousands and thousands of animations, voice recordings, tutorials, charts, quizzes, games and challenges that are seamlessly woven into each lesson so you’ll feel like you are being taught by a traditional piano teacher sitting next to you.
Other online piano lessons give you all the feedback at once, but Musiah also has theability to prioritize — which is widely considered to be one of the most advanced areas in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Created on anepic scale, Musiah is by far the most technologically advanced computer-based or online piano lessons system anywhere in the world today.
As I mentioned earlier, more than half of all Musiah students are adults — like Judy Cocu, age 56, from Bairnsdale in Melbourne. The flexibility to work at my own pace and in my own time (my favorite feature) works well with other commitments. The joy (and relief) of successfully auditioning a piece is incredible… I am so appreciative of the work you have put into developing this software.
To see just how advanced Musiah is, try deliberately making some mistakes yourself – just to test him. I have answered some questions incorrectly and played when I shouldn’t just to see how it goes over with Musiah. In Musiah’s Online Piano Lessons, you will learn to play hundreds of songs in a variety of styles. Now if you’re a senior and you’re concerned that you may a bit too old to start learning, please don’t be. The simple fact is, I genuinely care about YOU and I want you to get the most from your lessons. In fact, when you email me, I guarantee that I will personally respond to you within 24 hours. No matter what is going on in my life, I will always personally reply to you ASAP and you will NEVER have to wait more than 24 hours to hear from me personally.
Musiah isn’t for adults only… Kids love it too because Musiah’s game-like environment and the games within the lessons make learning piano just like playing computer games. Musiah includes “games within a game”, such as symbol-recognition games, symbol-matching games, quizzes, and performance challenges.

Parents and kids themselves are telling us how much fun they’re having in their online piano lessons with Musiah. When my son took lessons from a teacher once a week he would forget how he was supposed to play a piece and so he would be playing it wrong all week until we met with the teacher again.
Although I’m a pianist and a former piano teacher, teaching my own kids to play piano was not an enjoyable experience for any of us! For busy parents, another handy feature of Musiah is the regular progress reports by email. I don't play the piano myself and I have several children so I can't sit with each child during their lesson, so what would happen is the teacher used to tell us that my son was not practicing what he was supposed to be practicing during the week, and he was not practicing the amount of time he was supposed to be doing. With Musiah I never have to worry about those issues because I get the reports telling me exactly what he is doing. I also don't have to fight with my son to get him to practice because he really enjoys playing with Musiah, he's always excited to get to the next level. Musiah has truly been an answer to our prayers, it has taken such a load off of us as parents. If I could design the perfect piano program this would be it, the developer was quite a genius.
We require them to spend at least 20 minutes a day except for Fridays, but lately they have been asking if they can do more! When you consider they knew nothing 6 months ago, their progress under Musiah’s watchful tutelage is truly impressive. And once again, if you ever need assistance or if you have a query about any aspect of the program, I am literally an email away. Now you’re probably wondering how much do Musiah’s online piano lessons cost compared to traditional piano lessons? Well, depending on where you live, a typical traditional beginner private piano lesson fee is $30.00 for a 30 minute lesson. Opportunity Cost: Assuming a half hour trip each way, while you are driving to and from the piano lesson, that is time that you could be working, earning more money.
You can cancel any time within 14 days and your card will not be charged, so there is NO RISK. That’s less than a dollar a day, and discounts apply if you choose the 3, 6 or 12 monthly plan.
And with Musiah's online piano lessons, up to 6 family members can all learn for the same low price. So Musiah’s online piano lessons cost less than one tenth of the cost of traditional piano lessons, and with Musiah up to 6 people can learn at no additional cost.
YOU can play piano at the standard of someone who has been learning the piano the traditional way for years. Well, it really is possible when you take online piano lessons with Musiah, our intelligent virtual piano teacher who is caring, patient, never tired and always available to support and guide you on your musical adventure. Learn the basics in a fun and interactive way and start to explore your full musical potential. Develop fluency, touch, and music appreciation and play solos by some of the greatest classical composers: Mozart, Chopin and Verdi. From pieces for children, to Bach, Beethoven and Blues - enjoy learning and performing these outstanding solos. Including scales and exercises from Grades 1 to 5, it¹s also an invaluable help for everyone studying for piano exams.
The only difference is when Michael was doing it, he had only been learning for a matter of weeks. For those people, you can practice in the privacy of your own home and get to a certain level before you surprise everybody with your skills. So if there are multiple issues, Musiah prioritizes which issues to address and in what order to address them, which means that the feedback you receive is very natural and life-like. My children went to piano lessons for nearly five years using the Suzuki method, and although they loved their teacher, I'm afraid they still knew very little about reading music and couldn't identify most of the notes. The program literally includes a cast of interesting, funny, colorful characters that talk with and respond to your child as they learn how to play the piano. He has shown a great improvement from Level 1 to Level 6 with the help of Musiah within less than 4 months.
They have even opened a beginner’s book and sight read pieces fairly accurately on the piano. Five months in the making, this significant update features (among many other things) a new scrolling Single Stave View mode which makes the notes much larger and therefor easier to read than the default Full Page View (FPV) especially on small screens.
They compare the songs they have learned and the best part is that I don’t have to push them to do it, nor do I have to teach them myself.
We knew it was time for a change, and Musiah is very convenient and affordable, and covers all aspects of music.
The setup for the hardware was really effective and had the keyboard and mouse set up effortlessly.
The only real eye-opener is how badly my daughter has been taught rhythm at her primary school - a veritably scandalous lack of timing!! For the first lesson I actually had to waltz with her around the living room to get her body to understand the rhythm.
He is really enjoying the lessons and it is hard now to get him to stop playing on Musiah or just for fun. It has proved to be just the right amount of challenge and has helped him to enjoy playing again.

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