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With this simple method, you can encourage your child to play well-known tunes, thus helping them to gain confidence and develop basic musical skills.
Helps children to enjoy music from a young age.They can compose their own tunes and also learn to play in two simple ways.

It's aimed at making learning as simple and fun as possible and includes a guide with 9 popular tunes that will motivate them to play their first notes.
In the learn-by-lesson learning mode, there are 12 songs to practice.The keys you have to play with each hand light up on the screen which also shows which fingers to use. Offers multiple options for experimenting with music:8 instruments, 8 rhythms, 6 percussion sounds, tempo control, metronome, 30 demo songs. La mia bambina A? ancora piccola per il metodo a colori ma si diverte un mondo con i tasti.

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