The first problem any guy or girl who is always on the phone will encounter is that you can only play Candy Crush for so long before running down your battery.
If you’re looking for high quality, portable audio, look no further than the Bose SoundLink. For the paranoid guy or girl, who nonetheless can’t stay off his or her phone, we offer this Otterbox screen protector to keep prying eyes from peering over personal details (or butting in on that game of Words with Friends), in addition to providing scratch-protection to his screen. The easiest way for anyone to up their smartphone photography game is with some new lenses, and the Olloclip 4-in-1 provides four new ways to view the world through your screen.
Help that guy or girl get a grip on shaky video and blurry photos once and for all with this handy phone handle.
Maybe this is just for the old-timers, or the ones who want to see what photos used to look like, but Fujimax Instax Share wireless photo printer prints your camera photos on Fujifilm’s Instax instant film. The end all and be all of smartphone camera upgrades, the Kick LED light will put that guy or girl’s photos head and shoulders above the rest. Don’t text while cycling, and don’t let that guy or girl who won’t get off his phone do it either. If that guy or girl happens to be a musician, this little device will help make productive use of all that time spent staring at the phone. The iRig Field microphone is the perfect tool for recording a band practice, live gig, or just a song idea, quickly and in high-quality stereo. While I eventually warmed to the disciplined practice required, once the lessons ended, I never touched the piano again. That is the impetus behind today’s North American launch of the ONE Smart Piano and Keyboard, alongside a crowdfunding campaign for $50,000 that kicks off simultaneously on Indiegogo. This electronic instrument, combined with a free mobile apps for iOS and Android, seeks to make playing the piano more fun and less structured, both for newcomers and people who may have abandoned it in the past. The ONE Smart Piano is a genuine piano — a traditional digital upright with a wooden body that’s MFi certified to work with Apple mobile devices. The instrument comes in two models, a handsome upright in Matte black or Classic white, which would look lovely in any home. You do not need to run any apps on the piano while you play: You can sit down and play by ear — just as I used to. It lets you learn at your own pace and choose the songs you want to play, while providing lighting hints on the keys to assist in getting the right notes. Both pianos also work with third-party music apps including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and others to play music directly from the instrument’s built-in MP3 speakers. While ONE Smart Piano is a consumer product strictly for entertainment, you can easily transfer the skills you learn from it to a regular piano if you want to further advance your musical expertise.

The Indiegogo campaign, which accompanies the company’s North American launch, is designed to raise awareness of the company and its mission to update musical instruction. With durable zinc alloy legs and a machined mini ball joint for maximum adjustability, the GripTight Micro XL stand is sturdy and sizeable enough to hold even an iPhone 6 Plus, yet designed to fold up compactly enough to be carried on a keychain.
At just over 7 inches wide and weighing a mere one and half pounds, the SoundLink offers extreme portability without compromising the legendary Bose sound. For the compulsive Instagrammer with pro photographer delusions, here’s some gifts to help ensure that if you must look at all of your friend’s vacation photos, they can at least be well-shot ones. So get the guy or girl this 100% waterproof case that keeps out sand, dirt and grime, while providing waterproof protection in water up to 6 meters deep. The Scosche handleIT Bike Mount securely mounts any mobile device to the handlebars of a bicycle. This pocket-sized powerhouse allows one input of Apogee’s high-quality digital conversions and PureDigital instrument preamp. Sign up for emails with all the latest in photography, awesome tips, and world class advice.
Research indicates that, like me, some 50 percent of American kids took piano lessons, but only 12 percent play as adults. It features 88 hammer-action, simulated ivory, full sized weighted keys and three foot pedals in a simple, Bauhaus-inspired frame.
There’s also a portable ONE Light keyboard, with 61 keys and weighing 11 pounds, powered by six AA batteries. But if you want to learn songs and enhance your skills, the companion app can get you started. Funders can choose to help advance classroom music for nonprofits with a ‘Buy The ONE, give one’ program. The company is offering a limited-time discount on Indiegogo, starting at $899 for the upright model and $199 for the keyboard for the earliest funders. His love for gadgets and technology had lead him to set up this website to inform and equip users of the latest trends that world are talking. Whether at dinner with friends, during a movie, or while taking in the great outdoors, he or she just won’t stop texting, gaming or taking photos. In addition to being a durable protective case, the Juice Pack Plus sports more than 120% extra battery, providing up to an additional 12 hours of phone operation. The GripTight Micro XL turns any smartphone into a mini entertainment center, allowing for hands-free movie-watching, Skyping or Facetiming anywhere there’s a flat surface. Hassle-free bluetooth connectivity will ensure that this guy or girl will have no problem playing his or her music.

The lenses simply clip on to the phone, securely aligning the new lenses over the phone’s existing lens. The grip can be removed to allow for that attachment of a tripod, at which point the grip because a handy remote control for photo and video. Fuji’s Instax SHARE app provides all the required photo-editing and filter tools, and the Share SP-1 itself offers five different templates for the creation of everything from simple photos in a basic frame to frames that include dates and times and even a frame that includes the number of likes and profile image from social media sites. The accompanying free app even allows the user to create brand new, totally unique lighting effects, and operate the Kick via WiFi.
And while designed for guitar, the JAM allows that guy or girl to plug in a bass, keyboard or even a dynamic microphone. That might all sound like gibberish to you, but that guy or girl will understand that means high-quality stereo recording anywhere at any time. At 121 pounds, it is one-fourth the weight of traditional uprights and measures 54 x 18 x 33 inches.
Included sheet music covers a variety of music genres, and even teaches you to read music at your own pace.
Current partners include Open Mind School for special needs children and Senior Planet, which both use the smart pianos for education and recreation. But even that type of person needs a present around the holidays, so, in lieu of starting a fund to help cover the costs of the inevitable carpal tunnel surgery, here are some gift ideas to help the phone-addict in your life get more use, fun and even productivity out of his or her phone. There isn’t a guy or a girl in your life would be happy to unwrap one of these this holiday season. Extra handy for listening to music while keeping track of your mileage via any of the many apps out there aimed at the tech savvy and cycle-crazy. Coupled with GarageBand or other recording software, that guy or girl can record an entire pop masterpiece on a phone. The silicone screen cover even allows you to still use the touchscreen while underwater, allowing access to your camera or other apps. If that’s not enough, the iRig Field has also been designed to provide high-quality soundtracks to all your mobile videos.

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