My name is Bianca Tremelo. I am a qualified piano and theory teacher with many years experience, both as a teacher and as a performer.
Learning to read standard mciusal notation is lots easier than it looks.The basics are very simple.
He had always had a passion to learn to play an instrument, and it didn’t matter that he had begun so late in life.
I have recently started going for keyboard classes in order to learn to play the electronic keyboard . I think it is best to thoroughly learn all the chords in their root position before going on to invert them.
You will note that the chords on the first degree, the fourth and the fifth are the only major chords.
Major, Minor, Minor, Major, Major, Minor, Diminished is the order of the chords in any Major key.
I’ve been dreaming bout learning to play the piano or even just the keyboard since i was like eight and now i’m sixteen and still, all i could play is doremifasolatidooooo~! Actually when someone doesn’t know afterward its up to other viewers that they will help, so here it takes place. The grand staff is formed by combining the treble clef and bass clef with an added leger line, middle C. The following diagram shows you how the notes on your piano correspond to the bass and treble clef.
The very first step to reading drum notation is to learn the symbols and what they represent on your drum set. The top number of the time signature tells us how many counts (or beats) there are in a measure.

There are different types of notes: quarter notes, eight notes, sixteenth notes, and so on.
Recent ArticlesChoosing The Best Drum Lessons For BeginnersThere is a right way and a wrong way to learn drums. I am very interested in taking some piano lessons, but, I first want to know how far I can possibly go. This means you can even print it off and take it with you to the piano.So make sure that you click the image above to download your Free chart now.
If you look at the image above, you will see that it consists of five lines and four spaces. You can easily remember these note names by associating the spaces with the word FACE.
A perpendicular line and bracket (known as a brace) joins the two staves (plural for staff) together. This is the time signature, a sort of formula that determines the counting process for each measure. The bottom space is usually reserved for the bass drum, but this varies from publisher to publisher. If you don't want your drumming journey to be filled with frustration and disappointment, be prepared. If you follow my simple instructions carefully, and work hard, putting in a little practice every day, then you will learn how to play the piano with grace and agility. This clef is used to signify what the right hand plays on piano.This clef can also be called the G Clef. The lines and spaces are named after the first seven letters of the alphabet, A, B, C, D, E, F and G.

The bottom number tells us what kind of notes are being counted or which note is to get one beat. A quarter note has no flag, an eight note has one flag, and a sixteenth note has two flags. It simply takes some practice.One thing you may get hung-up on, is that most pitches (notes) can be played in more thanone place on a guitar fingerboard. Each line and each space represents a note name.Use the guide below to help you findng the treble clef note names. Every note from middle C upwards including the notes on the treble clef is played with the right hand. In the case of drum notation each line and space represents different instrument on your drum kit. Take the 1st E , above middle C, for example:This same pitch can be played at 5 different places. In notation for other instruments, like piano for example, they represent different pitches, but here they indicate a particular drum or a cymbal. Without the proper warm up and stretching exercises, one might find themselves with a serious injury, or even worse, a bad practice session or performance.

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